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May 9, 2012
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I'll be watching two dogs there so that will help. Also there is a bar across the road and the owners let me hang out there. So those little things help.
(Hmmm... )

Reads like you are partially established /oriented there in the area.
That has always gone far for me. Vs feeling like a black bug on whitewash being noticed as a stranger by all.

Visited Gramma years ago. Always about (just about/nearly) a trip. And I don't mean trip as in distance...
Two rooms upstairs closed off all winter and probably not painted for sixty or more years.
One anxious blue. One pink. Both cold anytime.
A sister and I compared notes of our seperate visits years later and were almost convinced some kids froze up there long ago...L.o.l..

Hit the local bar as with most visits. About threw down with a few locals over thier version of what money placed in que on the pool table meant.
But , expected to return again too.
Outside later , the worst of them behaved rather different... Must not have liked the new odds.


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Feb 3, 2009
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Relic Hunting
Dig enough holes an old dog can find a bone.
Then again I will try our Pips for hunting.

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