THE Random Chat Thread - AKA "The RCT" - No shirt or shoes required - Open 24 / 7


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Mar 1, 2014
Atwater, CA
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Dues XP, AT Pro, Whites TRX pinpointer, Sampson Ground Shark shovel
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All Treasure Hunting
Well this is my night lol


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Apr 24, 2010
Upper Canada 🇨🇦
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XP Deus, Lesche Piranha 35 Shovel & 'Garrett Carrot'
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Relic Hunting
I definitely will try. I just know my anxiety will act up just a matter of keeping it in check. I'm going to have to try to keep myself busy trying to keep myself hyped up about being able to do a lot of metal detecting while there
This sounds like a great opportunity John, I'm sure the distraction of finding a US Gold Dollar will make you feel better! There seems to be quite a bit of history in Cathey's Valley. I'd be willing to bet most of it is within walking distance with your detector too. :thumbsup:

Best of luck to you next week,

Cathey's Valley Named After Andrew Cathey and his sons. In 1854, Andrew D. Cathey purchased a ranch from a Mr. Evans. Evans drove a hard bargain and Andrew finally agreed to pay him $1,500 for a quit-claim. This became Andrew and his wife Mary's first, new, real home. Her sons lived at home for about ten years before they all became larger independent landowners. Cathey's Valley now bears his name. Andrew Cathey soon became very involved in civic and political activities. He enjoyed exhibiting his abundant produce in the Merced Fair. A few of his trees and vines are still standing, although very sparse after nearly 150 years. Andrew and his wife, Mary, very devout Christians, helped build a church, school and cemetery on land they donated.

Recently a large mariposite stone monument was built by many donors and volunteer labor in memory and honor of the Andrew D Cathey family and history of Cathey's Valley. The monument is located at the Cathey's Valley Park. Visitors may read the early history plaque and see the 1879 one room schoolhouse. The schoolhouse was restored by the Cathey's Valley Historical Society. The first Catheys Valley post office opened in 1879 and closed in 1881. The Cathay post office opened in 1882, closed in 1918, re-opened in 1919, and changed its name to Catheys Valley in 1964.


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Blak bart

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Jun 6, 2016
FL keys
🥇 Banner finds
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Mine lab primary fisher secondary
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All Treasure Hunting
Good morning ARC and Oregon Viking and the rest of the pirates. This is the last day to catch the big one. It’s flipping cold! I don’t want to go but we can’t catch it from the room. Have a great day everyone!
Im channeling all my fishing luck and sending it your way WD !! Good luck !! Catch the big one !!

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