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Zakon Krzyżacki

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May 25, 2022
The local church pastor just drove past.
I tried going there when we first moved here.
Cold shoulder.
Its my teeth.
Started rotting when I was a kid.
Not much left in there now.
Just pieces and bits.
In the modern world they call it meth mouth.
I've never tried said drug and no intention to, but I still get treated that way.

How does perfection
( God ) create something so

Bah humbug.

Blak bart

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Jun 6, 2016
FL keys
🥇 Banner finds
🏆 Honorable Mentions:
Detector(s) used
Mine lab primary fisher secondary
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Everything is working well with the wood business.....I got on instagram to promote the wood and make contacts. Well as I gain steam and pick up followers it gets easier and easier to make sales. This last log i cut ive already had offers on !! Now I made a new arrangement with a very popular shell dealer to sell my sea shells slowly getting away from the old 9-5 type work. Several side hustles are gaining steam, and I may be able to make decent money doing my wood business, shell diving, treasure hunting, and being a fishing guide....exciting times for me as the side money actually becomes my main hustle !!

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