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Oregon Viking

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Jan 6, 2014
Brookings-Harbor Oregon
Detector(s) used
White's prizm IV
Keene A52 with Gold Hog mats
Gold-N-Sand hand dredge
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Won the stump I was after. Axe to roots all the way around while digging trench by hand.
When loose like a bad tooth , ram it with the tractor bucket.
Dug another to match.
Thinking for sure it's a younger me's game.
Even my hair hurts! l.o.l..
Dynamite might be a solution.


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Jun 7, 2022
Very far north of where I’d rather be
Detector(s) used
Garrett ace 400
Garrett carrot
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
This TV sh.t is really stressful......I went from cohost to everything piled on me, and having to come up with a narrative, 2 boats, 2 more captains to drive them, 3-4 metal detectors, filming locations and alternate filming locations, and then doing my film parts....they are right about TV not being need to be a self starter and a problem solver to succeed......having a "let's make it happen captain" attitude helps. Looks like I'll be dragging islamorada mark into this too....he's got the perfect vessel for this, and is a great partner/hunter !! And most of all a great friend that I met here on t-net first !!
The joys of being a celebrity there Bart Reynolds’s!


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Feb 3, 2009
Detector(s) used
Deus, Deus 2, Minelab 3030, E-Trac,
Primary Interest:
Relic Hunting
I remember me and the kid across the road use to sneak into their tool shed.
There would be all these cool things in there.
Bags of fertilizer, Fuse coils, caps, dynamite.
We played with the mercury from the blue bottle.
We knew not to touch the caps, or the CIL.


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May 9, 2012
Primary Interest:
Blowing ponds.

Bury the mixed charge recipe I won't put on the internet (energy diverted downwards that way) add a blasting cap on top and run wires about fifty yards to battery.
Wear hard hat , yell fire in the hole , and touch it off.
Dirt blows around twenty feet into the air with a fifty pound charge as a crater is formed. Depending on charge size . Too big is too big though.... Things like windows and neighbors in the distance can get agitated.

Potholes for ducks used to be made that way too. Maybe still do.

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