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Jan 5, 2022
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As I have stated in my previous posts the key thing we need to do is form a group of 10 teams consisting of people that live in the actual cities that have a casque.

Below is a list of what the likely cities are based on the clues in the pictures.
Image 1 San Francisco the latitude and longitude lock it
Image 2 Charleston South Carolina a map of the city is hidden in the image
Image 3 Roanoke Island a map of the island is hidden in the image
Image 6 someplace in Florida the outline of Florida is hidden in the image
Image 7 New Orleans the latitude and longitude lock it and the "horsehead" is Louisiana upside down
Image 8 Houston a confirmed city latitude and longitude lock it
Image 9 St. Louis a confirmed city
Image 10 Milwaukee the rebix puzzle locks it
Image 11 someplace in Ontario latitude and longitude lock it country of Canada is confirmed, a tip of one of the blades of the maple leaf is hidden in the flower on the wiki grid of the picture it is (k/l 8/9) Likely Windsor, Ottawa or Toronto in that order of likelihood.
Image 12 New York confirmed city loaded with NYC clues, is in lower Manhattan. I think the 'grey giant" was actually the original World Trade Center that did not have an antenna on it. Searchers should first try to reconstruct the shadow it would have cast to make sure they are in the right area.

These teams could work with the parks departments and the individual parks to try to find the casques. These teams and the park departments could help find potential clues and no longer existing landmarks etc that could help locate the casques.

In the near future I will post an updated analysis of the verses and how I think they go together. I will also make a post about why I think John Jude Palencar will not discuss the images with anybody and what might be able to be done to try to get him to talk with us. For now however please respect his wishes and do not try to contact him
I have the book. #6 is in St. Augustine, FL and is believed to be in the Fountain of Youth Park. Remember all of the locations have to do with foreign settles.

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