This looks like the end of life as we know it.


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Feb 3, 2009
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Charlie P. (NY)

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Feb 3, 2006
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Forums like this are as close as I get to social media. No insta-faces, tweets, snaps or chats.


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Jul 26, 2012
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Social media ( excluding forums like this and others) is the root to the acceleration and increase of social and political polarization and loss of civility in society in general , Some is due also to cable news. Although I don’t use FB Instagram or Twitter, I admit there are perfectly fine Facebook interest groups and family/ friends sharing good stuff, but I’m doubtful the good outweighs the bad which is very bad indeed. All parents would likewise only permit kids under 16 more than a flip phone-capable of texting and calling only until a parent can be sure a internet provider only provide a limited internet service for limited access only. Just my opinion.


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Oct 15, 2020
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If it wasn't hearing it on the news while in the barn, I would of totally missed it as well.
There must of been folks out there wondering though.

The world would be better off without them. 10% useful aspects 90% propaganda machine.

My life became a good bit less stressful once I got rid of social engineering.... I mean social media.


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May 17, 2012
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Facebook is back up and running. I do use it to keep in touch with old friends and look at stuff I am interested in.
I use FB as well. They have a "Market Place" where you can buy and trade stuff.
I'm a FB "Jail Inmate," repeat offender. I repost a lot of political "memes" they don't like or doesn't fit their agenda. I love pissin' 'em off! Been in FB jail for close to two months!


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Jan 5, 2020
East Tennessee
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Not a user. Telephone is more personal. Hate it when my daughter wants to text me instead of calling. My son usually calls. ie; girls vs boys. Even though they are grown and have children.
My take is; a whistle blower is on Capital Hill as we speak. Mark Zukerburg needed to shut down and do some deleting and hiding some, 0100011100010100011's to clean up his act and cover his arse, because Congress is going to stick it to him concerning what he allows and what he is pushing, especially with teenagers, (girls especially) . 0001100110 for you who don't get it, are logarithm's to write programs in a code which is hard to decipher/break.
I think you users are going to see a change of how the social media is being used. Social vs mind control.
PS I have a land line & cell. Cell does not work where I live. which is very good...No tracking.
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Kray Gelder

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Feb 24, 2017
Georgetown, SC
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My wife went away 20 years ago, when she got her first laptop. I can sit next to her in the evening, and not a peep, or movement for hours. Without a doubt, some of you are like that. Did you ever consider your family member you are ignoring. Can't talk now, I'm texting. Of course, you don't say that, just give the look. Right? I glance at her screen occasionally, and see some grinning person holding up a cat, dog, child. People doing nothing, showing photos of nothing. Hours and hours, keeping up on others' mundane lives, while her own crumbles around her, unnoticed. Same for the rest of my scattered family. The beauty of facebook, is if nothing exciting happened in your day, you can just make stuff up. I don't do facebook, and won't converse with texting, only rarely. The outcome of my refusal, is dismissal. I have been dismissed. If I do try to talk on the phone, silence emanates from the other end. They don't know how to speak. Reality sucks.

My grandchildren are lost down the rabbit hole of social media, and games. There is no pulling them out. They are not interested in books. They know nothing, but are very good on Minecraft, whatever the heck that is. I would attend a public flogging ( or worse ) of these "geniuses" who have destroyed us.

They shut down for 5 hours? All I heard on the news is "Billions of dollars lost." Really? Maybe someone looked up from their laptop, or phone, didn't recognize the person they were with, having not looked at them for years, and panicked.

Rant over.


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Jul 27, 2006
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I use FB as well. They have a "Market Place" where you can buy and trade stuff.
I'm a FB "Jail Inmate," repeat offender. I repost a lot of political "memes" they don't like or doesn't fit their agenda. I love pissin' 'em off! Been in FB jail for close to two months!
I was placed on FB death row, I got a message I had violated their rules didn't say what it was no link to it or picture and I would be de-platformed, if I disagreed with it to hit this icon, I disagreed, hit icon and never heard back, 30 days later my account went poof, I was executed.

I reported porn postings, threats of violence by ANTIFA pages, pictures of drawings of police heads being cut off and each time was told it didn't violate their rules.

I got 30 days for reposting a stick cartoon of NFL stick figure hanging their self with a head a box that said NFL, and a stick figure in chair with box head that said fans.


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Sep 27, 2020
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I hate texts,I don,t use any social media,at one time I had a facebook account but like TH I got jailed for posting Marine memes and anti Taliban and anti Muslim terrorist memes.i once used it to keep in touch with my sister who lives in Muir Beach,Kalifornia but she went full retard and drank the leftist kool aid so we don,t converse any more.Canceled my FB account then.Only site I visit on a regular basis is this one,the people are cool and mostly sensible and I truly enjoy my time here.Thank you!!!!!!

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