Today?s Seminole War Fort Relics

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Dec 17, 2020
Southern States of America
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D0D5550D-9A1A-43B5-AFD4-A3FD208DE373.png DD62A082-0D2D-42C6-931B-0D6FCA2F10E5.png 4B2E2F13-1FDC-4796-B208-35B7C86AC270.png 26184C88-4FF1-47BF-B582-7169DBE90FE7.png F870185E-7C49-44D3-9979-4BC5F9CE0983.png Finally no rain! What a beautiful day for digging. Got out this morning for a dig and it started kind of slow. Nothing for the first half hour. My First find was a brass 4 hole button with a back mark of Richard?s and I?m still not able to read the other words. My second find was the convex 1 piece button without a back mark. Just a few feet away was this 2 hole elliptically centered button which I?ve found a few over the years at this fort. My next find was this railroad button. Last but least was my favorite find of the day. This lead flint wrap that?s in great condition. I always love finding them. Thank you for looking!!!
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