Treasure hunting IS seasonal in Utah... no?


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Nov 13, 2014
Pasadena Ca.
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Hi Folks,
Just got back from Arches, Utah and holy crap it was cold... 9 degrees. So cold the ground was frozen solid and unable to dig a target when located. Between running back and forth to thaw my hands and MD by the fire I realized this California kid was out of his element. Not sure the 13 cents was worth hauling my SE Pro 700 miles but it was definitely worth the drive to show your magnificent state to my 4 and 7 year olds once again (we did Zion earlier this year). I envy everybody who gets to wake up and bask in all the beauty Utah has to offer but DAMN its good to be back in 70 degree weather.
Special thanks to Terry at Green river Knights Inn for being so accommodating when our camper ran out of propane at midnight. If you have never been to Utah I highly recommend it- The people are as awesome as the scenery.

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