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Jul 8, 2014
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Does anyone know treasures that could be found if someone solves a riddle , a code or a secret clue of some kind-Similar to Forrest Fenn's treasure poem? I want to do an extensive armchair treasure hunting. I have already Fenn's poem to digest but want atleast a couple of others to work upon. I would be glad if you respond.thanks.

Tintin Treasure
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Aug 6, 2005
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I don't know of any.. If you wanted to hide any treasure would you make up a riddle of clues so some clod could find it????


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Jul 4, 2009
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In fact many years ago there was such a "treasure", the golden horse. I was fortunate enough to be paid by some dedicated clue solvers to search in a specific location for it (although sadly through a few misteps in deduction, the folks who hired me had (at some great expense to themselves) picked the wrong state ). At any rate, the idea was to sell a book of clues, which apparently worked out for the author and the eventual finder. It's a fair question to ask whether such solvable gimmicks are out there now. They would be fun.


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Apr 17, 2011
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What does any of this have to do with BlissTool? Please post treasure legends & stories here: Treasure Legends

U.K. Brian

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Oct 11, 2005
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Lots of this type of book came out after the success of Kit Williams book "Masquerade" about 30 years ago. With this you could find a Hare made of gold worth several thousand. A similar book also by Kit was "The Bee Book". The trouble is finding the titles. A good bookshop should be able to help.

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