Two Loafers,find large cent and silver!


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Dec 1, 2006
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Two Loafers,find large cent and silver!

Was up at 4:30 this morning making the 1 1/2 hr. trek to my buddy Dave's(aka:Stu Pedasso on T-net) house! We had the day planned to go detecting and bottle digging. We met up at an 1870's church that Dave had permission to dig. We probed for a while without finding a promissing pit so we decided to detect. We stayed for an hour,only finding some newer clad. Dave suggested we head for an empty lot he had permission on. He had detected here before and scored an 1865 2 center and a couple other decent finds. After wandering around for a while and digging countless tops and tabs,I got a nice penny/dime hit. Two inches down, I seen silver in the hole. Picked it up,hopeing for a merc and it turned out to be a well worn 1902 barber.
Well I was feeling pretty smug now as Dave had not found anything. I think we always have a friendly coin shootout even though it goes unsaid. Who can get the best,most and oldest. We stayed for a while longer,not finding any other keepers.
Dave,being the true friend that he is said we should go down the river bank to his G.A.R. medal cache site. To get to this site you have to be part mountain goat. We got to the site and cleared a bunch of leaf litter and branches out of the way. I found about three medals,still waiting for Dave to find his first! Then another penny/dime hit. Out pops a 1942 merc in decent shape. Go Stevie,go Stevie! What do you think of that Dave!
A couple minutes later Dave smash's my puny G.A.R. medal collection with the coolest G.A.R. medal I have ever seen! An eagle on crossed cannon's with a sabre in his claws.
Now it's gloves off,all out! Still another penny/dime hit and I find,what looks like another barber,holed and worn worse than the first one. Take that, Dave! I was putzing around the medal area and Dave was working down the bank a ways. A minute later he walks over with a closed hand. He drops into my open hand an awesome condition 1846 large cent! His fourth,I'm still waiting for my first. Allright,I give up,you win! He says,come on over,there has to be more. There was more,his next coin was a nice 1945 merc. We stayed on the bank for a couple hours finding only a few wheat cent's. We finished out the day back on the empty lot not finding any more keeper's.
When I got home I started cleaning some of the other stuff I found. One piece was a weird shape and flat. I washed it and it turned out to be a printing plate for FREEMAN Shoe's. Kinda cool. I cleaned the holed dime and it turned out to be an 1841? seated! Not positive about the date,though. It's in very bad shape,but still a first for me.
Dave,thanks for having me,and thanks for letting me detect on your cache site! and congrat's on that LC!


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Oct 10, 2006
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Re: Two Loafers,find large cent and silver!

You had a great day. Nice pictures. Love those coins.



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Jun 7, 2006
Southeastern PA
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Re: Two Loafers,find large cent and silver!

Very Kool finds. Love the large cent and the silver. HH

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Jan 11, 2006
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Re: Two Loafers,find large cent and silver!

Excellent finds you two! Great post!



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Sep 25, 2004
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Re: Two Loafers,find large cent and silver!

WOW! Now those are some cool finds! Way to go and congrats to you two boys for having a fun day!



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Jul 27, 2004
The Great White North
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Re: Two Loafers,find large cent and silver!

wow !! Totally freakin' nice finds.That eagle with crossed cannons is a beauty ! HH..Panz

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