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May 4, 2016
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Yeah, "Demons and Wizards" is one of the best albums from the classic rock era. Unlike a previous poster, tho, I think "Easy Livin'" is the weakest track; that is how good this album is. "Easy Livin'" is an awesome single, but it feels out of flow with the concept and rest of album. You've gotta love the bass groove on that song, tho.

The album closer "Paradise/The Spell" is the best, not only of the album, but IMHO one of the top 10 classic rock songs ever recorded.

I'm amazed that I still listen to this album once or twice a month after all these years, and never get tired of it, and I rarely otherwise listen to classic rock anymore; its just one of a handful of albums from that era for me.
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Dec 19, 2003
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because of it's Length, I Always Liked Salisbury Too .
funny I seem to remember him singing slower :dontknow:
must have been the party favors back then


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