V5 Discrimination vs other machines ?


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Jun 17, 2007
MA NH seacoast
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what ever works
For those with the V 5 . How good is the Disc circuit .
Can it be a good park hunter and still maintain the great depth of the Bliss machines.
It doesnt have to be great just good enough would work for me .

Lets get the Bliss forum breathing again. :hello2:
I have the V3 and is deeper than any machine i have used. Thanks Mike


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Oct 17, 2014
Trenton, Mi.
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(2) Minelab E-Tracs, Minelab Equinox 800, Teknetics G2+ LTD, Blisstool LTC64X V6 3 coil pkg, (2) Deteknix X-PinPointers, Garrett Pro-Pointer, Fisher F-Pulse PinPointer
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Metal Detecting
Mike, I have the V3 also and I use it in the parks all the time... I guess it depends on just how much trash you're talking about... In the trashier areas, I'm talking about items in the ground, not the people, I use very low Gain and the new 7" x 9" or even the 11" cool with very good results... Do you listen to the "Hardcore Metal Detecting Podcasts" now on ITunes or the older episodes on "Mixlr"? They are a big help when it comes to the (all versions of the) Blisstool. Gerry


Jun 21, 2014
Isainti county Minnesota
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currently own a Euro saber, silver micromax with ground balance mode, & a updated mirage P.I custom built by sven
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Metal Detecting
I have found its disc is good to about 7" but if a nail is pointed up or at a 45 angle deeper like say 9 to deeper you can not disc out the nail , you will lose a coin before the nail I tried this with the DD and DL maxed and the 9" deep nail sounded good and i lost my 8" dime . your only clues may be that the nail will not center as nice as a coin in pinpointing

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