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Jan 30, 2013
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Most or all are Volksmarch Medals from Germany rather than military.

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Dec 23, 2019
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That’s a nice little group. All of the medals are civilian and German, but with a couple of them celebrating events of international importance.

Medal 1.jpeg
That one is a commemorative for the orbital docking of the American Apollo and Russian Soyuz spacecraft on 17 July 1975. “167 km über der Erde” (167 km above the Earth); “Sojus start 15 Juli 1975” (Soyuz launch 15 July 1975); "Apollo start 7,30 std später" (Apollo launch 7 hours 30 minutes later); "Interplanetarisches Treffen" (Interplanetary Meeting); “UDSSR” (the German abbreviation for "Union der Sozialistischen Sowjetrepubliken" or USSR as we know it). Apollo–Soyuz was the first crewed international space mission carried out jointly by the United States and the Soviet Union.

Medal 2.jpeg
That one is a hiking medal from the city of Würzburg on the River Main in Bavaria. “TG 48 Würzburg internationale fruhjahrs WWanderung” (TG 48 Würzburg international Spring Hike).

Medal 3.jpeg
That one is a commemorative for George Washington’s bicentennial (1776-1996) and also has a tribute with a joint portrait for “Von Steuben 1730-1794” (Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, the Prussian military officer who played a leading role in the American revolutionary War and a Founding Father of the United States).

Medal 4.jpeg Medal 5.jpeg
Those two are hiking medals from the town of Ochsenfurt (Ochsenfurt am Main), also on the River Main in Bavaria. The bars read “Naturfreunde Wandertag” (Nature lovers hiking day). The first of them has “Uhrturm des Neuen Rathauses mit dem 1525 auf Gestellten / Mit Jedem Glockenschlag der Vollen Stunde Läuft das Noch Heute das Spiel AB”, which is a proud boast that the new Town Hall has the original 1525 clock mechanism and it still chimes every hour.

Medal 6.jpeg
That one is from the town or district of Kitzingen in Bavaria. The “Franken” is for the geographic region of Franconia (Kitzingen is administered as part of “Unterfranken” or Lower Franconia). It’s a famous wine-growing region and I see some bunches of grapes in the depiction. That may mean it’s some kind of wine award, or the imagery may be just part of the local heritage and it’s just another hiking medal.

Medal 7.jpeg
That one is from the municipality of Zell am Main, also in Bavaria on the River Main. “Schutzengesellsch.” Is short for “Schutzengesellschaft” which translates as “Rifle Club”, so it may be a shooting competition medal or possibly a hunting award from the club.

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