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Aug 2, 2020
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Hey all, I just wanted to post a few map sources online that I have found. I still haven't found a lot in the ground, but I still don't know my machine (CTX 3030) well enough and haven't put a lot of time in yet.

Sanborn fire insurance maps are great resources to see what towns\cities looked like in the past,

More specifically in my area of SW VA (and some other places in the world), there is a great trove of aerial photos and maps from the New Jersey Zinc mining company based in Austinville, VA. The former Dept of Mines, Minerals and Energy (now just Dept of Energy) in conjunction with USGS has done a fantastic job of digitizing old records from the mines. Other good information besides maps\aerials can be found too.

David Rumsey's Online collection is fascinating as well,
Check this 1926 map of a housing development in Richmond, VA,

Hope some of these resources help you find something!

EDIT1: formatted link for David Rumsey's collection

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