What are some gift ideas for a treasure hunter?


Jun 1, 2009
Hello my father hunts the beaches of South Florida religiously with his excalibur metal detector. Ive personally gained some his hobby with a few nice watches and a cuban link gold chain that weighs about 60 grams. Im still waiting on him to dig me up a Rolex Submariner ;D.

Since his birthday and fathers day are coming up soon I was wondering what are some possible gift ideas relating to this hobby? He already has a subscription to the treasure magazine, 2 or 3 nice metal detectors, and alot of gadgets etc. He even has some shirts that say somethin like "Id rather be metal detecting". If anyone has any ideas id really appreciate it. Id prefer something I can order online.



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May 20, 2008
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lots of batteries :dontknow:

michigan michael

Sometimes gifts are better when made or put together, rather than just purchased. Buy a few metal cans and bury them with little clues or maps to the next buried spot and a little bit of change in each one. Do this a few times burying them in different spots and have a few old coins in the last one with a happy birthday card. Your Dad would get a kick out of how much thought, time, and energy you put into a gift for him! A gift that relates to his favorite past time. Just my 2 cents good luck with what ever you decide. :icon_thumright:


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Oct 29, 2007
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Dose he have a wet suit so he can get in the water early in the mornings or late in the year. You could always get him rechargable batteries and charger. That way he won't have to buy batteries.....Matt


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Sep 7, 2008
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If it's an option for you from a wealth standpoint, perhaps a (flexible or refundable) plane ticket with special hotel reservations on a nice beach in Texas for a few days would do it, or perhaps a guided trip to Yucatan ruins - If he doesn't get a kick outta that, I don't know what would!

jeff of pa

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Dec 19, 2003
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since he probably has what he needs to hunt.
and Not Knowing your dad & what he already Has,
I'll just tell you What I have & in some cases
never have enough.

& Maybe he would Feel the same.

Display Cases for Finds (Does he have a place for such things ?)
Coin flips, plastic pages for them and binders for them.
Things for Cleaning Finds.

Getting a Little more Expensive, A work Station
in his Home or Garage High Powered Light,
Desk & Comfortable Chair to sit at
While Inspecting & Cataloging his Finds.
Again, it depends on his attitude About his Hobby.

I'd work on the Things he Needs Once he has his Finds
at home.

Of Course TShirts. We can never have enough TShirts.
Mine only last a short time Due to Coffee & Coal Dirt
he works the Beaches So they may
stay Clean Of Stains from that Longer.

Good Luck !

Siegfried Schlagrule

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Mar 19, 2003
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Get permission from your mom first and then plant a test garden for him of various coins and objects at various depths. Pop can, coins, zinc jar lid, etc. Make a very careful map and space them at least a foot appart. You could also get him a subscription to the other treasure magazine since you said he gets one. siegfried schlagrule


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Oct 31, 2005
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mlayers said:
Dose he have a wet suit so he can get in the water early in the mornings or late in the year. You could always get him rechargable batteries and charger. That way he won't have to buy batteries.....Matt

The wetsuit sounds like a good idea. But the rechargeable batteries will not work too well with the excalibur since it requires a higher voltage. The rechargeables only have 1.2 whereas normal batteries have 1.5. But the guy probably just uses the excalibur battery and charger that it comes with.

I also like what Jeff said about the displays. One can never have too many display cases!

willie d

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Jul 13, 2005
Close enough to the beach
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Diamond tester
Gold tester or test kit
Rock tumbler for those crusty coins


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Mar 10, 2007
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As a Father I would like for my 3 Sons and 2 Daughters to take me out detecting and just have a great day together. :icon_sunny:
That would be Awesome. :thumbsup:

Maybe take me to a special place to detect, and see to it that I find a buried "treasure" (*like a gold coin) ;D


* hint hint.


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Mar 28, 2007
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Like Jeff said, I don't know what he already has but anything treasure related is a good thing. If you could tell us how much you want to spend it would help out too.

I have looked at a few coins and things online for sale, personally I would love to have a coin from a verified wreck. I have seen some of them that seem reasonably priced but that is subject to the buyer. If I got a nice dubloon with a COA from a famous shipwreck I would be a pretty happy camper for a long time.

HH Charlie


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Oct 16, 2007
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As a father and a treasure hunter, I would probably like for my kids to build me a box about 4'x4'x8" salted liberally with 20 dollar gold coins and tell me to have at it. Seriously, as a father for the last 30 years, I really appreciate anything the kids send me. Yours will too.


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Dec 27, 2007
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Wow, people have such great ideas.
I'd add . . .

1. Shadow box display cases (you can get them at art supply stores,
such as Aaron Brothers, etc.) to display his finds, coins etc.
Related to that - coin holders, plastic display pages. These are
found at coin shops.

2. Go on line and see if you can find an old map of the city he lives in.
Something around the year 1960 - a road map that shows the roads,
schools, ball fields, etc. in your area when silver coins were still in

3. A book. Any more advanced book on metal detecting. I think
Dick Stout has a new one out that's pretty good. Also, consider
a book on hiking trails, camps, and parks in your area. There
are a bunch of books out that are written for bikers, hikers,
campers, but detectorists can use them too. :read2:

Good luck - it's a nice thing you're doing for him. :icon_thumleft:


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May 14, 2008
I like the idea of a treasure hunt. Bury a few things in a couple of safe places and give him a map to begin with. Of course if he only does the beach because it is easier for him, perhaps you can bury something earlier and go out with him and make sure he finds it. If you know of a coin or something that he as always wanted to find, see if you can buy it and bury it for him with a note or a card.


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Jan 10, 2009
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VISA gift card and you can't go wrong. :thumbsup:


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Apr 9, 2008
st. joseph missouri
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go to pennies.com and buy a 27.95 bag of old wheat pennies and some silver coins scatter a feww around the yard at different depths and the rest in a old prince albert tobacco can like a cache that he would come to at the end of the dig he finds coins and then a cache

Dirty WhiteBoy

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Apr 21, 2009
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Please allow me to recommend one of my "Treasure Hunter Forever" T-Shirts! Thank you! Jim :hello:


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