What STYLE of Bag?


Apr 25, 2023
Upstate New York
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I need to purchase a Finds Bag and have researched pretty much everything that’s out there. The biggest downfall is not being able to see them in person.
However, I have noticed that some bags have belt loops on TOP of the bag which would make the bag hang down.
Others have incorporated belt loops BEHIND the bag or belts included. I’m curious as to what type hunters have and especially about the loops on TOP. Do those bags have a tendency to bang against you as you walk?
Any negatives about either style?


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Jul 7, 2022
North Carolina
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I have a bag very similar to the green one, I think its the SHRXY? on amazon. It works fine, but like you mentioned when it starts getting full it will swing a lot and bang against me. If I were to get another one I would go with one that has the loops attached to the back of the bag. Also if you plan to water hunt at all make sure you get one with at least one zippered pouch and holes that allow it to drain.

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