White's Goldmaster GMS-63


Apr 11, 2021
Central Ga
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I've recently acquired a Gold master GMS-63. I have several questions. First where can I find a owner's manual for this unit? I have tried Garret's website. The only one that is even close is in Spanish.

Second question is what battery holders does it require? Mine are MIA. I have three sets of wires in the battery compartment. One looks like a regular 9 volt battery connection. Second one resembles a 9 volt connection, but is much larger. Posts are the same. Distance between the posts is about 1 1/2". Third is just a two post connector. Battery check knob has three positions 1.5, 9, and 67.5.

Third question is would there be a problem with converting this unit to use tool batteries of similar voltages?

Thanks, Pat

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