Will be vacationing in Nashville soon.

Ray S S

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Nov 18, 2007
Port Huron, Mi.
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Hello and greetings to you guys and gals way down there in Tennessee, I live in Port Huron, Michigan. I will be vacationing in Nashville from June 13 thru 19. My wife and her sister and brother-in-law and I are driving down there in our car. Will be taking in some country music shows and getting in some pool time if it is warm enough. We are still having frosts here at night. I am really hoping it will be teeshirt and shorts wearher. The others are not into mding but I will have my Ace 250 and am hoping to use it a couple of times or so. Just got this at Christmas time and am still trying to get acquanted with it. Havent had much chance to use it much because of being back to work for the last couple months. I retired 2years ago but the contractor that I was working for when I retired called and asked if I wanted to work again for 2 or3 months. It was good timing for some plans I had in mind so I agreed. It is good to be back working again as I kind of enjoy it but I will be all done by the first week in June. I was wondering if any of you could give me an idea about a good potential spot to hunt. Being totally new to the area I might have to just play it by ear. It sure would be great to be lucky enough to find some kind of relic. I'll keep an eye peeled on this to see if someone comes up with some directions. Some place within a five to ten mile radius hopefully. Thank you. karenray08.

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