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Jul 12, 2006
To all that may be interested? I am an Australian WW II researcher,with National Australian Archives,(see NAA Fact Sheet 42 for my name ,Terry Kelly,researcher,WW II)
I have spent many years researching thousands of ships that crossed the Atlantic to Canada and the US ,1939-44,and amongst their manifests were gold,silver,and platinum being kept for safety reasons in both countries.England sent 7,600 tons of gold,thousands of tons of silver and platinum,of which gold alone saw 2,200 tons sunk by German subs.I have a list of all ships sunk globally,obtained from our archives,Bank of Canada and US Treasury archives,and the best of all archives,from the Bank of England,which sent the bullion in the first place.
Now,if anyone is interested in assisting in recovery of manifests that have as much as 243.5 tons of silver;76 tons of gold;245 tons of gold;300 tons of gold coins;50 boxes of gold coins,200 tons of gold coins;50 tons of gold bullion etc etc,,.,then please contact me @ tezz5@etelecom.com.au.

My partner and I wish for only 25% of all bullion or diamonds recovered,those financing have the balance.I have been swamped with replies to this since I posted it ,from major salvage firms globally,all asking the same thing,so I am putting it here ,.,.,.it seems major salvage firms do not have the info I have at my fingertips,so here is hoping we can begin a project with one of them. Thanks to all those that sent replies to my query,.,.,.,.

There are many ships in waters only as deep as 1600' FSW,some at 200' or so,and several at 4,000 metres FSW,.,.I have a ship with 16 tons of platinum in waters off South Africa,with another close by with a further 5 tons of platinum;2 ships in the Caribbean 9 nm apart,with 5 tons of platinum on each.I have several ships off the east coast of the US with many tons of bullion on them still,and diamonds.
Darren just wrote me,.,.,.I must add here,.,.,.We ,my partner and I here,Brisbane,Australia,need an investor or investors,to pursue these ships,.,.i have all the locations,names,manifests that are needed on all vessels,.,.,.we dont have funds to go for any of them,.,,.the best of them is in the Indian Ocean,with 300 tons of sovereigns on it (93,500,000 sovereigns , one sovereign weighs .2345 of an ounce)so can we form a syndicate perhaps?I am open to suggestions,.,.,.I am deadly serious about recovery,.,.,.you can verify my name at National Australian Archives Brisbane Office,Fact Sheet #42.

If you are interested,or know of anyone that may be interested,please notify me asap at my mail address.>>> tezz5@etelecom.com.au
Terry Kelly
61-0409484092 mobile phone number.


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Darren in NC

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Apr 1, 2004
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Hello Terry,

Would you mind posting some prices so we don't all bombard you with the same questions? And does that price carry exclusivity to the material or will it be available to all?

Best to you,


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May 24, 2005
The man you are looking for is Skeikh Ahmed Farid al Aulaqi (Oman), he likes this type of salvage that you are proposing and you might get Jessop involved (that's Kieth not the son).


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Jul 12, 2006
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thnx,.,.,.they did ther j barry,.,.,.and they lost on it too,.,.,.,.
thnx mate


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May 24, 2005
Probably one of the best funded and most experienced crew in this type of salvage at that time you could do a lot worse, and yes they lost money but what makes you so sure your targets will make money??? You will recal Kieth Jessop also did the Edinbourgh and made a lot money.

Collecting data, storing it on a computer is much different than taking that data and turning it into a project and making money. Particularly as many of your targets will be in deep water.


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May 24, 2005
Well Terry it seems that your credentials check out with the NAA, though I have to say I am curious as to your rather confrontational attitude. I wonder if it works.

I am sure that you have a lot to contibute if you chose to.

Regarding your type of salvage, it is always difficult to get any players to come forward an give you cash for your research. If you check the archives of this site you will see many people have tried and have not found a rich benifactor to spend the cash required.

I have spent half my life lifting things from the sea bed and have had to fight to get paid much more than you would think. You do not state if you have any practical experience of salvage or searching.

The things you mentioned in your pm do not impress me at this time as I have seen many claims for the same things but non have worked yet, sooner or later someone will get it right, but I have not seen it yet, but I wait to be proved wrong.

As Salvor 6 said lists of ships are not worth any real money and there are a lot of ships sank in the world, so many with large amounts of precious metals on board. But I guarantee you if you find a ship with a cargo of sugar no one will bother you, but if you find a ship with 93,500,000 sovereigns , one sovereign weighs .2345 of an ounce, the whole world will make a claim on it, check out the HMS Sussex. No one gave a dam till it was located and now look at the mess, and Oddessy cannot be sure the wreck is the Sussex at this time, in fact from the side scan the target is to small to be the Sussex by about 12 m, but then she has been there a long time. Only time will tell if it is the right ship, Oh and a lot of cash.

Anyway keep posting I find it quite amusing.


Mike Collins

P.S. I will be in Melbourne in August so if you are down there we can get a beer and see if we can somoth your rougher edges.

Terrys Provenance

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Ancestors and Family History Research Service
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Ms Marianne Eastgate
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Mr John Winterbotham
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Charlton Solutions Pty Ltd
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Mrs Eileen Johnson
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Dr Jack Ford
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Mr Terry Kelly
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World War II, all aspects and all theatres

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Fact Sheet 40 – Research agents – Canberra
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Aug 5, 2006

I am interested in learning more about your research and possibly financing a salvage operation. You may learn a bit more about my company at www.spartansecurities.com. Specifically, are you aware of any interesting or worthwhile projects in the Gulf of Mexico?



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Jul 12, 2006
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Many thanks to all the people and companies in the Salvage Industry that sent me tons of mail privately that are interested in working on WW II Bullion ships that lie about the globe virgo intacta ,.,.I have told all but one that we have to put them in abeisance until things are sorted out with just one firm;my partner and I are currently working with Sub Sea Research,from Bridgeport,Maine,with a handshake agreement,after I was invited over to talk to them about several good promising ships lying in waters off the east coast of the US that are burthened with gold,silver,diamonds and much else besides,coming to over $40 billion in todays values.
Greg Brooks ,Sub Sea Research CEO,has told us that a project can begin later this year on just one of the vessels from my data file,which is well worth working on .
We are hoping to begin work on it as soon as possible,while weather permits!
Thanks again to all the International salvage firms that sent me mail re my data,.,.,.watch this Forum for further news,.,.,.

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