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First the veteran you are talking about, BLESS YOU, have her try wild lettuce. It was called the Pioneer Opium. Also have her try , Safe Guard Cannine Dewormer for puppies. Make sure it contains, "fenbendazole".
1 gram, 3 days on, 4 days off.. If she is skeptical, have her watch the utube vidio about the man who was cured by worm pills.
Excited to be new here! I am a treasure, adventure, and history enthusiast. In my spare time I decided to make a website with an interactive, lost treasure map. Check it out!

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Living and truck driving in Florida. I love beach and underwater detecting. I have a blu3 Nemo hookah diving unit. It's great long time snorkeling and underwater detecting.
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Found you!
Hi Aqua, I'm new here. Will there be a cookout next year in 2022? I would love to attend. Thank you. Susan.
Glad to see you are still out there. Haven't run across you on the new forum.
Until now. I'm am still learning the minelab 800.
Got 5 pieces of silver this year and ane 1858 small cent.
Hey it is good hearing from you and am glad you have had time to hunt. The new forum is a lot better when you get used to it.Sounds like you have been doing well on your hunts. i am jealous! I have never had more work than I have right now.
Crazy times hopefully this economy does not crash. Stay on that sweet silver and good luck with that new machine. I hear it is a beast!