My first Favorite Find of 2006
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    My first Favorite Find of 2006

    Hello and happy holidays!

    I finally got some time here tonight to share my best find,
    err, should I say finds because I really have two "favorite" finds.
    One is my most valuable find of the year and the other is a piece of jewelry that I wear every day now. Well, here's the stories.

    I think my most valuable find was made on August 6, 2006 at a schoolyard in the woodchips right next to a play structure. It's a 22kt gold earring with 17 nice size diamonds set into it. There are two parts to this connected in the middle. The top part that has a tiny threaded shaft/post has 7 diamonds and the bottom is shaped like a ball with ten diamonds set around the "ball". These diamonds are each .15 to .20 carat each and brilliant white with no visible inclusions. So that makes about 3 carats total diamonds. When I first found this, I thought it was another trinket piece, it just didn't look really. It was only about 1/2 inch down and must have been lost just a day or two before that. When I got home and looked at it, I got excited because this thing shines! I couldn't read a hallmark so I still wasn't sure. I took it to work on the next Monday and looked at it under a microscope and on the post thingie, there is a hallmark. Here's a sketch of it

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    916 equals 22kt and I am not sure the significance of the diamond shaped thing. The other marks are the maker marks I think.

    I was amazed, a 22kt earring, marked in European hallmarking, with all those diamonds. I still haven't had it appraised but hopefully, between the holidays , I will get time to do that. Here's a couple photos of it but they don't do it justice.

    Name:  Diam earring.jpg
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    Name:  Dia earring.jpg
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    My other fave find is my chain and cross that I wear every day. I found five 14kt chains this year but this one was by far the nicest and most manly one. I found it at a schoolyard on August 18, 2006 in the woodchips right next to a balance beam thingie.,45032.0.html
    That's rare, because I hardly ever find anything near those. But it goes to show, do not cut corners or give up, because you just never know when something great will be right there waiting. The cross, one of four 14kt crosses I found this year, was found on September 9, 2006 in the woodchips again, directly underneath the bottom of a metal slide. It's hallmarked 585 Italy and has a white gold Jesus on the cross. Together, they weigh around 25 grams. Here it is.

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    So it was a great year for me and I owe TNet and all of you a lot of credit. The inspriration and knowledge that I gained this year hear made all the difference compaired to previous years. Thank you all very much. Maybe soon, I will take some photos of my keeper treasure chest. It's overflowing with gold and silver jewelry and coins. Happy holidays to everyone. Take care and god bless you all!

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    Re: My first Favorite Find of 2006

    Very Nice, Congrats!!

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    Dec 2006
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    Re: My first Favorite Find of 2006

    Goodness gracious those sure are some real fine & pretty finds!


    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

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    Re: My first Favorite Find of 2006

    That's some great jewelry you got there, B-do.

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    Re: My first Favorite Find of 2006

    nice,very nice.WTG



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