CAPTN SEs 2008 Year In Review ~ 365 Silver!!
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    Apr 2007
    Southern CA
    Minelab Explorer SE; X-1 Target Probe; Pro Coil, 6x8 SEF, Coiltek Platypus Elliptical, Sunray X8, Expl. 1050 coils
    12 times

    CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review ~ 365 Silver!!

    Hello Everyone!!

    2008 was the continuation of what has been an unimaginable two years of detecting since acquiring chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia and a gluten intolerance back in '06. With my passion of metal detecting, along with a strict diet, my days where I could only walk for 10 minutes before tiring are a thing of the past now. It's been almost 2 years now since purchasing my Explorer SE. Since then I have amassed totals of lost coinage(old and new) and jewelry that I never thought I was capable of finding from a plethora of local parks here in Southern CA. I have been blessed with having the time and health to detect over 100 different parks in the past two years. Recovering 1022 silver coins, over $1100 in clad coinage, 4500 wheatback pennies, and over 130 pieces of silver jewelry may be just numbers to many, but to me they represent my accomplishments, passion, camaraderie with my hunting buddies, and continued good health through detecting.

    I did find a lot less in '08 than in '07, but to recover what I did from the same pounded parks that my hunting buddies and I pounded countless times in '07 has greatly surprised me.

    Here's my totals from my 2008 detecting year. About 98% of these finds were from local parks in Southern Cal.

    Silver coinage: 365
    Wheatbacks: 1462
    Injuns: 20
    V's/Buffalos: 4

    Clad coinage:
    Dollar coins: 14
    Kennedy Halfs: 1
    Nickels: 141
    Quarters: 771
    Dimes: 2415
    Pennies: Too many to count!

    I had many great memories of 2008. My 1873 seated dime find at a park, along with many of my barbers and Injuns(1908 & 1909 "S" mints), antique jewelry, and 50 consecutive silver hunts with my SE Pro Coil, are just a few. One thing I will never forget is the amount of old coins I dug from two parks. One park produced 186 silver coins, and the other produced 62. That's nearly 70% of my total silver coin count for 2008. Parks like these are too few and far between down here. I hope this year I'll be able to find a few parks that produce silver coin counts in the 50's, but I think I will be traveling further to find them.

    I want to personally thank everyone on the forum for your continued support and friendship. And to my hunting buddies I had the pleasure of detecting with in '08 (Mike(ratman), Mike(DanaPoinMike), Joe(DrJoePrime), Val(DanaPointVal), Curt(Bibleman), Ron(RonCA), Tristan, Jon(GoldenApples), Leo(fooleo), Marcus(WireBender), Thomas In Riverside, Michael In Monrovia, and Richard(Smitty)), all of you made this hobby so much more rewarding/meaningful to me. I'm glad I can share my finds, and get to hunt with great friends who show as high a passion/interest in detecting as I do. I put a lot of effort into this hobby. There's no shortcuts to finding the deeper coinage/relics. The number of turf plugs I've cut is in the thousands. I've worn out many pairs of jeans, gloves, and digging tools. I have chronically stiff hands in the morning with calluses in uncommon locations, in addition to having one arm that's measurably larger than the other. : Success comes to those who are willing to work hard enough at whatever they do, as long as they enjoy it to the max!!

    Enjoy the pics!
    Keep the Passion High!!
    Good luck to all in 2009!!

    Thanks for looking!


    Pic #1: My '08 Silver Coinage

    Pic #2: My Pile of Clad. Note: all the clad I dig, except for quarters, is incidental. I do not dig all penny, nickel, and dime signals in the turf. All of these either sounded like potential wheat/silver targets, targets that I had to clear to get to deeper signals, coinage I found in the same plug as my old coin, or were surface money. This is what it takes to find the oldies in the parks here in Southern Cal. Oh, yes, and a lot of trash targets (iron, aluminum, caps, bullets, etc.)

    Pic #3:
    Here's all the jewelry, some relics, and marbles I found in '08. Mostly silver, but there is some gold mixed in.

    Pic #4: Here's my two "S" mint Indians I found in '08. These are the only two Indian Head pennies with mintmarks(1908 and 1909).
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    Sep 2007
    N. San Diego County
    Ace 250
    42 times
    Metal Detecting

    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    Hey Dan............ I had to put on my sun glasses 8) Where did you find that Ohio thingy at?? I lost that mant years ago

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    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....


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    Your best find is still in the ground somewhere

    Jan 2007
    Hazelwood, MO
    White's Prizm II, White's Coinmaster
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    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....


    I remember many of your posts throughout the year and I must say you really cleaned up on the silver (the other coins and jewelry find aint bad either )

    May you stay healthy throughout the coming year so you can enjoy the hobby you love!



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    Nov 2005
    Garrett Infinium LS,White's MXT's and Surf II Lot's-O-Coil's
    1675 times
    Relic Hunting
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    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    Absolutely Outsatnding Dan.....That is one pretty site buddy.Unbelievable year for you.....Can't wait til next Jan. and stay healthy

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    Mar 2006
    South Florida east coast.
    In the water Aquasound ,back up Aquasound,Fisher cz20,Minelab Excalibur 15 inch wot coil .
    177 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (2)

    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    Well done Dan.Great job you did.

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    Jun 2006
    Eugene Oregon
    Minelab eTrac ~ DetectorPro Pocket Uniprobe
    616 times
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    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    WOW Dan ~ that pile of silver is totally AWESOME!!!!! Such cool treasures you found ~ and those "S" mint Indians ~ WOOHOO!!!!!!!

    GOOD LUCK in 2009!

    Got dog tags?  I'm looking for old dog tax tags and dog license tags! From any city, any county, and any state (prefer pre-1970) ~

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    Charter Member
    Jan 2006
    SE Louisiana
    Garrett AT Pro & Ace 250
    2462 times
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    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    W W those are some really impressive finds...the silver, I'm just drooling over it all. Man, those are some really nice rings & things. You had a very reaping year, many wishes for more finds in '09. Good Luck & Happy Hunting, Dan.


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    Mar 2005
    Fisher CZ-5, Fisher 1280-X
    5 times
    Banner Finds (1)

    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....


    That's just absolutely amazing!
    Talk about making a metal detector work for you!!!
    The Explorer is paid for in clad, without even putting a dent in your silver profits!
    That pile of silver is sick!
    Congrats on a MONSTER year detecting! Good luck in 2009!

    PS: What's in the guitar case?

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    Aug 2006
    Eugene ,OR
    Etrac/ X-8-X-1/ /Excalibur 2/AuqaHog ~yayer
    8 times

    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    You had a great year thats allot of silver WOW I always enjoyed your posts keep the silver coming hope the new year brings you lots of Treasure HH RonC
    Finding a Ring is a Treasure Returning a Ring is a Great Treasure HH

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    Aug 2007
    So Illinois
    DFX, Prism5, Minelab SE
    5 times

    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    Super Dan, Most of us can only dream of finding that much silver.

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    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    You had an awesome year captn.
    Continued success in 09!


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    Apr 2006
    Bellevue, WA
    Minelab Explorer SE, Tesoro TigerShark
    21 times

    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    Very Very outstanding job! I have been following your posts ever since I made it back onto treasurenet! You have really inspired me along with JuJu to get out and hunt! I love hunting and finding silver! Thanks for all the inspiration! You truley know your SE and how to use it. I bet you dug a lot of trash!!! I am guessing that you dug at least 20lbs or more. But I may be wrong because you may have dug only 5lbs of trash. I will wish you luck down in Calfiornia on your future hunts! Go out and get that silver!!!!!
    Anyone can make life interesting you just have to go out there and do things instead of sitting on your butt doing nothing. Second quote: Life is about trying new things not just standing around.

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    Oct 2006
    146 times

    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    Congratulations on another superb silver year Dan!!!It's an amazing amount of wilver out of public parks.

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    Apr 2008
    Springfield, Oregon
    Explorer SE, Pro coil inline probe. Also the Excal II
    176 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (2)

    Re: CAPTN SE's 2008 Year In Review....

    You have amassed a large collection of silver coinage,
    jewelery and clad this year.Like many others on T-Net, I have read and enjoyed
    all of your posts and am wondering how you will ever top that next year.
    Congratulations on a very successful 2008 and may you find a way to match or
    top your 2008 totals in 2009. And thanks for the advice and suggestions. They work!!
    Gold Nuggets
    It's amazing just how much treasure people loose and we manage to find.


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