Ebay, paypal question
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Thread: Ebay, paypal question

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    Ebay, paypal question

    I've never bought or sold anything on ebay before. I have accounts with ebay and paypal set up. My question is do I need to have a business account in order to receive money through PayPal? I think the account I have now is the personal one. Can I recieve money this way without a business account? I'm wanting to sell a few items I don't need any more.

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    I have a personal PayPal account & sell on eBay all the time.

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    No need for a business account. Any bank account is fine.
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    Jan 2016
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    Ok, thanks for the quick answers!

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    And as a new seller, they will hold your funds until 3 days after proof of delivery of the goods. This is for your first 90 days as a seller. If you ship First Class or anything without tracking, I think it is 21 days(automatic release of funds).
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    So you are starting with ZERO feedback. You need to build that up before many will take a chance on buying from you.

    Start buying little things and ask for feedback from the seller after you give fb to them. (this is buyer's feedback) Start selling little things (even at a loss if you have to) and ship fast. Try to get the buyer to send positive fb. (this is seller's fb) Sellers fb is more important than buyers but they both give you that feedback score. If a potential buyer sees a nice score but does not click on the "number" they may buy from you. If they click on the "number" and see lots of little things sold or purchases they may or may not buy.

    Sometimes I just look at the "number" and the "% Positive feedback" if it looks good I do not dig deeper. If I am buying a higher $$ item I dig deep to see what customers are saying.
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    What cyberdan said ^!
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