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    Jacksonville Arkansas metal detecting?

    Hey any of you Arkies out there in or near the Jacksonville area. Have any of you heard of an ordinance prohibiting metal detecting on any and all public property in Jacksonville? I was told about this by a local detectorist but I wanted verification for myself so I called city hall today and after being passed around a couple of times to different people I finally got the answer of metal detecting on public property within the city limits or property owned by the city of Jacksonville is prohibited. Still not believing this nonsense I decided to look up the ordinance my self and after sifting through the 987 pages of government red tape the only ordinance I could find that said anything about metal detecting or relic/artifact hunting was the ordinance I copied and pasted below. Now I don't have a Harvard education but the way it reads to me is that the only restrictions they have is on FEDERALLY declared historic sites which to my knowledge Jacksonville only has one of (the Reeds bridge battlefield site) if I missed something please let me know. But for now with what I have learned I believe I'm going to be contacting the city attorney showing him/her my findings and see if they dispute it otherwise Jacksonville public property here I come. Thanks for your responses in advance.

    9.40.010 Purpose
    9.40.020 Retrieval of artifacts or memorabilia - Penalty 9.40.030 Vandalism of historic site - Penalty
    9.40.010 Purpose It shall hereinafter be unlawful to remove any artifacts and/or memorabilia from federally designated historic sites within the city limits of Jacksonville. Use of location devices such as metal detectors is strictly prohibited.
    9.40.020 Retrieval of artifacts or memorabilia - Penalty Unless authorized by the Mayor and/or his duly authorized agent(s) to retrieve such artifacts or memorabilia for display or historic preservation purposes, any person pleading guilty to, convicted of, or found guilty of such a violation shall be fined no less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) and no more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), together with applicable court costs.
    9.40.030 Vandalism of historic site Penalty It shall further be unlawful for any person to negligently, purposefully, or recklessly damage, deface, and/or destroy any markers, improvements, or other facilities at any federally designated historic site within the city limits. In the event any person pleads guilty to, is convicted of, or is found guilty of such a violation, he/she shall be fined no less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) and no more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00),
    together with applicable court costs. (Ord. 1279, 2006)




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