ATV for River Arrowhead hunting help please?
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    Nov 2008
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    ATV for River Arrowhead hunting help please?

    I would like some help trying to figure out what kind of atv would be best for me. Here are some requirements.
    I hunt in the river when it's down. usually the depth is no more than above the knee. of course occasionally it gets higher than that.

    My first thought has always been a 6x6 amphibious AATV but the cost on these are very pricey.
    which gets to my second requirement. price. I have seen some of these Chinese Dune buggies pretty cheap.
    This one in particular is decked out but I have seen the for around $2600.00 which is closer to my price range. I just dont know how well they will work in water or very loose river sand.

    Does anyone outhere use an ATV in the river beds? what kind works? what do you think? or am I crazy?
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    Re: ATV for River Arrowhead hunting help please?

    in most states that i can think of ,its illegal to drive(atv/dirt bikes/trucks/buggies,etc.) in creeks/streams/rivers unless its a crossing. even on private property, ive seen people being cited for this. hopeing to save you some time and money.

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    Re: ATV for River Arrowhead hunting help please?

    I hunt river banks and creek beds all the time and I've had many atv's in the past all of them been Suzuki's but I got to say I love my Suzuki King Quad 700 camo
    this thing can go were my others have not been able too, I love this thing if you want I will send you some pic's if you like I just need your email address

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    Re: ATV for River Arrowhead hunting help please?

    I hunt artifacts in creeks and have a polaris 700 sportsman but never ever drive in them.I had some kids riding on a creek on one of my propertys and they were tearing up the bars where I hunt so I stopped them. They can tear up creeks and the artifacts you hunt. I drive to various points along the sides of the creek and hunt. My thoughts. I would not but chinese how you ever gonna get service if it breaks?

    Buy american if you can.
    Good luck
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    Oct 2009
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    Re: ATV for River Arrowhead hunting help please?

    get a kawasaki prarie 700 2 in lift and 27in itp mud lites and a winch you will not have a problem
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