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Thread: Randy Bradfords Montezuma Presentation: The Video

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    May 2006
    southern utah
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyTrails55 View Post
    You all are WAY off base, lot's of Talk but nothing to show. Fredrick Archibald Crystal lived a Long Life in Comfort in Mexico. DarrellAttachment 1239747Attachment 1239749
    Hee hee , bravo amigo!
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    May 2010
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    I just came back and re-read parts of this thread. LilOrphanAnnie had some very good thoughts. Which does not mean I agreed with everything he wrote.

    For example, some history books from old Mexico did report digging into rocks, looking for gold. It is even known how they did it. Using that shiny black volcanic stone as a cutter, hitting it with hammer rocks.

    As far as the weight, my understanding is the Aztecs made what I call trinkets, not bullion. They had a large quantity of slaves who were strong enough en masse to easily and rapidly move the estimated 15 tons (using Diaz figures) two days over steep mountains, if ordered to do so. They normally carried family members over the same route in two days in carriers.

    And, as I have said, this location (which is not in my back yard but across the property line in a house known to have been property of the Moctezuma family) is one of the very few where gold was actually found.

    I do not expect anyone who is not privy to all I am privy to, to believe it is there. But, this is not just a pipe dream, like those who think it went weeks or months into what is now the USA.

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    May 2010
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    The two most important things involved in understanding the Aztecs:

    1. They were brilliant military geniuses.

    2. They had an incredibly large labor pool. If they wanted 5,000 slaves to placer hunt for gold, all they had to was issue the orders. 5,000 gold searchers can find a lot of gold in places where it would no longer be economically sound to look. Essentially, no ROI involved.

    If each searcher found 1/5000 ounces a week, that is an ounce a week, every week, year after year after year. And, we don't know how much gold was there before they combed the hills for a long time.

    And, they had plenty of time.The Aztecs had quite a long time in charge of the area.

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    May 2010
    369 times
    It is easy to lose track of the amount of work a strong man can perform when tractors are not available or affordable. When I first came here, I viewed anything over 125 pounds as heavy. I watched the men here..

    One day some young punk drove across my land to visit the girl down hill. My first act was to tell the girl's mother to tell him to park in the road and walk down.

    My second act, which took a lot longer, was to move a 1200 pound rock, with a steel bar, around 20 or 30 feet to block his path. I am not strong, so it took me many days.

    The men here could have done it in a group in an hour or two. It was a matter of male pride for me to do it without help.

    Really strong men, like the Aztec slaves, in a group, and perhaps using ropes, could have done it in minutes.

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    Jun 2004
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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyTrails55 View Post
    You all are WAY off base, lot's of Talk but nothing to show. Fredrick Archibald Crystal lived a Long Life in Comfort in Mexico. DarrellAttachment 1239747Attachment 1239749
    Long time not chat Darrell. I had someone mail me a photo they thought was Freddie with his family before he came Utah way. You're ahead of me as I got nothing to prove anything about him but his draft card.
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