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Thread: Moctezumas Tomb

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    Moctezuma's Tomb

    According to archaeologists documents exist that say Moctezuma was cremated after Hernan Cortez killed him. His remains were buried somewhere in Tenochitlan (present day Mexico City).

    Archaeologists excavating the Aztec pyramid in Mexico City have found a tunnel below the complex leading to a masonry covered entrance. They think it might be Moctezuma's tomb.

    Archaeologists find tunnel in Mexico City pyramid that may lead to Aztec rulers' tomb | Fox News Latino
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Super cool read.
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    That is interesting. And, such a possibility has always been implied, at least in my mind. There is so much we don't know.

    Cortes, I am going by flawed memory here, said or implied that the Aztec population was angry at Moctezuma II, and they are the ones who took actions which killed him that day. If true, it becomes an interesting concept that they had the time to burn him with out interference from the same angry crowd. To be fair the Aztecs claimed that the conquistadors killed him. I am sort of betting on the Aztecs being correct, based on general knowledge of Cortes. I don't think it would have been a good idea from a military viewpoint for the Aztecs to kill him at a wild time like that.

    Also, my time in the fire department at Ft. Lewis in the 60's causes me to question the practicality of building a fire strong enough to cremate a human body, down in a small hole in a pyramid. Not just for the fire pit big enough to to the job and hold the wood, but also ventilation sufficient go maintain a fire that large.

    Of course, this is just contemplation. Who knows what changes were made over 500 years?

    To clarify, in the place where I theorize the treasure is buried, around 1910, was found a skeleton with a gold piece around its neck large enough to buy a new church bell to replace the one which may have been destroyed in an earthquake prior to 1908, actual year unknown. Those who know of it all ask the same question. Is it possible that M-2 was that skeleton? We will never know.

    And, there was a long enough delay after his murder that it seems unlikely they would have maintained his cadaver that great a period of time. Unless they brought it out here for the same reasons I think they brought the treasure here. He was their family member and it isn't likely they would have abused his body.

    I doubt anyone knows where that skeleton was buried. 100 years ago, the old timers and grave diggers would have known, but it isn't likely there is any documentation left after this long.

    As I said, interesting!

    This article does not change my view as to the location of the treasure. They are two different issues. But, it does meet the criteria I have regards the gold. The location of the skeleton if it were M-2, is given credibility as to being somewhere else.
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    Note that M-1 was the ancestor of my wife, not M-2. Those guys sent their daughters to marry local chieftains in various places. And, this place was not yet conquered by the Aztecs when the daughter of M-1 married the local cacique. 52 years later, her son helped fight his nasty kinfolk in the capital.
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I believe the surviving Aztec codices, created during and in the earlier years after the period in question, contain the most accurate accounts.
    My own suspicion is that Moctezuma II was strangled (garroted) by Alvarado when he exhorted his people to attack the Spanish, perhaps because he knew that Cortez and many of his soldiers and Tlaxcalan allies were absent at that time.




    The death of Moctezuma (1)

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    Just to clarify, I do not expect to ever totally stop evaluating new information on the topic of the treasure and M-2's burial. Those ancient drawings go tend to be of the sort which cannot simply be ignored, don't they? Though my belief that the treasure is here is not at all dependent upon M-2 being the skeleton placed above to guard it. That is just a curiosity item to me.

    I also do not expect to know in my lifetime if the treasure is next door or not.

    Thanks much for the links!!!



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