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    Not All Treasures Are Where You Think They Should Be..

    We had just purchased this 2008 Jeep Wrangler and have only been driving it for one week. Monday morning, I checked the oil in the Jeep it was about two quarts low.. so Wife told me to take her to work and I could stop off at Walmart to get the oil. I was waving to nearly every wrangler jeep that passed.. 16 total.. One didn’t even wave.. and seem sort of snobbish at the time.. Anyway.. I made it to Walmart and I picked up the Castrol oil.

    Afterward, I decided to just use one quart, instead to the full two quarts.. The level came up a respectably.. But I figured while I was in this direction I’d swing by Valvoline Instant Oil Change and them check things out for me. This would be the first real inspection of the jeep since we bought it a week ago Monday.

    They even allowed me into the bay area with them and we crawled in, under and around the jeep.. everything was looking good.. They put all my information into the computer as a reminder for them to be prepared for my next oil change. I watched the technician enter in all the jeeps details and noticed two more names associated with this jeep. Heading home, I couldn’t help but wonder who these two guys were.

    Once home, I messaged my wife and asked if I could go ahead and remove the rear seat and the carpeting, She agreed. Removing the rear seat and carpeting was actually easier then I thought. Both appeared to have been removed before and the rear wasn’t put in correctly in the first place.. While everything was removed, I found something under drivers seat that could hold information on who once owned this jeep.

    A service patch.. military issue of some sort and it was very well preserved as if someone meant to leave it there.. I say preserved, because everywhere I looked there was mud stains.. and the patch was very clean.. almost too clean. Writing down all the details about the patch.. I found an associated web site.. and as suspected.. it was a branch of the service.. So I sent them an email.. asking if they wanted the patch back, I was assuming that they did on the grounds that it could become a security issues.. it was that important.

    Moments later I received an email back to them.. which said to the effect.. that the patch was placed their by the family members of one of the owners of this Jeep. As a remember or a memorial to their fallen hero.. I’m like what?.. Then it hit me.. Seems one of the owners of this jeep was in the service.. A military man who enjoyed this Jeep immensely. Sadly, He had fallen in the line of duty.. I told my wife this and she nearly cried..

    We both are very honored to continue and preserver this soldiers jeep in the hope to honor his memory. By creating a driving memorial of him as well as all the troops, firefighters and police officers who have fell or fallen in the line of duty.

    I’ve been offered a number of gifts and donations from a verity of gracious supporters of our project. Husky Liners, DayStar, MasterLock and Krylon Paints have all made donations in an effort to help us maintain this true American Hero’s Jeep. Thank you.

    In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be posting information about what we are planing as for upgrades and additions to this Jeep and we’ll also be posting product reviews as well a number of our travels and experiences along the way.

    Thank you for reading and supporting our troops.
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    What a wonderful story and thank you for keeping his memory alive.



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