best beaches on St Thomas, Virgin Islands
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    Feb 2005

    best beaches on St Thomas, Virgin Islands

    I am going on a vacation to St Thomas Apirl 12-16. I was wondering if anybody could tell me the best beaches to snorkel on and or any areas that I could possible see some interesting items (water or land). Any suggestions to make this a great trip and see some great sites would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: best beaches on St Thomas, Virgin Islands

    I'm going to St.Thomas the middle of March.. I was there a few years ago... Very nice place...
    as beaches go.. Megans Beach is the most popular but also the most crowded. I had a taxi driver suggest Saphire beach its just past Red Hook.. kind of a drive but it was well worth it.. it's on the side of the island facing St.John's and speaking of that I'll be going there this trip I'll let you know how that is.

    Anyways getting back to Saphire beach it was very quiet but they have snorkeling and para-sailing and whatever else you could want to do... there is a resort there that allows you to use their stuff for a fee , no too bad though...

    When I get back I'll let you know what else I found.... Maybe pirate's treasure.. lost city... or some nice shells...


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    Jan 2006
    Sewickley Pa.
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    Re: best beaches on St Thomas, Virgin Islands

    I will be on St. John March 17 - 24 and on St Thomas 25 -27
    2/3 of St John is National Park so you have to watch where you are...
    They are serious when it comes to detecting absolutly not allowed.
    And there is alot of private property. There still are places to hunt though. I have stopped there on cruise but have never stayed there
    for a long period of time. I am taking my m/d and will let you know what happens.


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    Re: best beaches on St Thomas, Virgin Islands

    it's been a while since i have been to st. thomas but i remember it was beautiful; (it was a bit commercialized then so i can imagine it is moreso now...evenso...) we had a yacht so we had the pleasure of travelling to any of the 700 islands in the bahamas that we wanted to see. mostly we (with the help of george, our captain who was a merchant marine and knew these waters) would find a deserted island and spend the afternoon safely docked and dive around and snorkel without the distraction of tourists, ect. i can recommend Eleuthera, although we didn't get in the water there just roamed around and had a picnic; also the exuma islands, abaca, andros, cat island, antigua, barbados -- and if you get the chance to venture farther martinique is a beautiful island; and i highly recommend turks and caicos where there is a very large beautiful barrier reef and the days are long, sunny and beautiful. And the diving is beau-tiful.

    the subject of treasure finding has always been exciting and alluring to me; but in instances where there are shipwrecks i do consider them in a way hallowed ground like a graveyard where people died via piracy; fires; explosions; bad weather; just head toward the bahamas in your vessell and you'll soon find the choppy waters of the gulf stream that last for hours until you get to bimini and beyond. so to venture seeking gold and riches one must be prepared to do it in a way as to regard the dead with respect and reverence. i've found interesting things in the water and on the beach; but i don't know if they are valuable or not...another reason for joining this site. i make jewelry so i use shells and materials that i find along beaches. since gemstones especially semi precious stones like amethyst are a form of quartz; i am interested in digging for gold and for minerals that yield many of the gemstones that are coveted by many. i make necolaces from freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and beads, and i use silver and gold for my findings and spacers. i use turquoise and jade many times along with coral for my necolaces, but i buy these online from various websites in bulk so i do not disturb coral reefs at all. i wouldn't dare! anyway finding this site i feel right at home because like many i'm enthralled about the prospect of sifting for gold; digging for diamonds; diving for gold and treasures. i've read where people have spent their whole lives looking for treasures though and lost family members by diving accidents, shark attacks, ect. so almost like the curses that came about by the invasion of the tombs of antiquity as well as the tomb of king Tutankhamun (not that i believe them) i still believe that one must proceed with caution and use every safety precaution that one can think of..i.e. dive in teams; equipped; the sea is like entering a realm of an other-worldliness so you never know what you might encounter. it's still highly recommended in my book. i almost believe that to find something; you would have to just stumble on it, unaware. because people look all their lives and find nothing; what a terrible way to spend your time. i need to relax and enjoy life instead. I still believe that there are treasures in the oceans that are still to be found; i will enjoy some of the suggested reading that i've already found on this site.

    good luck with your st. thomas trip; the shopping there on that island is unbelievable; many good prices on gold jewelry, chains and pendants; and also waterford and bacarrat crystal; hand embroidered linens and table cloths; it's a fun place to be. i knew i was getting close to paradise when i started to see the large turtles swimming next to our boat. good times. PLEASE DON'T EAT THE TURTLES! some places in the carribean offer turtle soup as a delicacy; and they have hatcherys where they keep the turtles; but still they are so cool; i can't eat them any more. but i still love a mahi mahi filet...

    so, getting back to treasure hunting. there's around 700 islands in the bahamas; the us. virgin islands and british have around 90, i think. Martinique is one of them. The exumas i've heard are beautiful, as well. Happy hunting and diving. Be safe.



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