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Thread: what does it cost ya to get 2 the beach ?

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    Closest ocean is one hour, about 55 miles. Local fresh water spots are only 5-10 minutes. Since they put a five dollar per year / per car fee on our vehicle registration at the DMV, all state parks and beaches are now "free". It beats the previous $14/visit though. So, about $20-25 to go to the state beach.

    I went to another beach last week with CTdirtdigger at 74 miles each way. I found ONE copper Lincoln. (And CTd didn't even find that). We are in the hole.
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    Cool old thread.
    I’m only 15 minutes or less from the beach. Probably less than 5 miles distance.
    Gas is the big expense for me and that’s about $2.50 up and back. The other cost is my State pass at $5.00 per year, which is not much. So between $2 & $3 per session. Clad usually offsets most of that cost but not always.
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    Nov 2008
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    I was born and raised 158 m. (174 yd.) from the sea.
    I live 500m. (550 yd.) from the sea.
    I also have a fisherman's house (kuren) by the sea 27m (30 yd.) from the sea
    I can say ... I live on the beach
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    I am either 10min or 1 hour depending on the beach I pick
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    Feb 2017
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    Five to ten minutes. Closest beach is 3 miles from home.
    .50 cents in gas , i ride a motorcycle.
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