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Thread: Silver Sunday! 25 lb silver brick, 2 rings, 2 quarters, 1 gun, phone, tablet

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    Silver Sunday! 25 lb silver brick, 2 rings, 2 quarters, 1 gun, phone, tablet

    Hi all,
    I hit the beach with the wind howling hoping it would help me get to a spot I've been wanting to hit. Sure enough the wind coupled with the low tide dropped the water several feet. While I wish I could go everywhere on a day like this, the small craft advisory that accompanies the wind always limits the possibilities. The ground was littered with glass and pottery shards, most new, but enough old to keep your eyes scanning. My neck was hating it. I was swinging the Nox and she was sounding off every which way. First hole had about five targets in it, penny, dime, fishing weight, copper scrap, wire pieces and nails. The Nox made it sound kind of good. The pinpointer is of course sounding off at every little scrap so its detect, pinpoint, detect. Everything is in rocky gooey black muck with big iron everywhere. I switch it to Beach 1 which cuts out about half the junk and play with my settings. I keep iron on always on all detectors. I start getting clad, and fishing weight after weight ringing in at 18-20 which used to be where my pennies rang in at before the update. I decide I can't dig every weight so I go cherry picking and that's when the fun started to happen.

    I am on the water's edge and get a 25-26 which is a Wheat, and another wheat, and another. In retrospect I did forget to GB so there's that too. Then I get a solid 30-31 and moving some cobble out pops ring #1! Its obviously silver, that old blackened good looking stuff, so one in the bag. I get a couple more weights cleaning out that pocket in hopes of more silver and not ten feet away another 30 signal hitting hard in all directions. The beach looks like a D day landing site with filled dig holes every other foot. Out pops a black quarter but I can't see much through the muck so I pouch it and a few more weights and some big copper and brass pieces come up. Then Bam! Another 30-31 and its another ring! Well I am just hounding this little section of beach but there are so many #12-20 targets weights I can't dig half of them. I get one more 30 and work hard to get down a foot to the clay layer under the cobble where there's another black quarter. The date is immediately visible. 1960. Just a baby but I'll take it! Then a few more copper pieces, some weird tokens and then as I am moving out of that section I get a massive signal ringing 35.
    The Nox is funny because I can't seem to ever determine the size of a target until I pinpoint and even then it often makes targets "feel" big and shallow especially fishing weights. I open up a hole and it becomes obvious I am going to need a big hole. My scoop is a COOB stainless with 7 mm holes and it performed beautifully. It was more a crowbar moving the cobble through the day but did way better than my tree spade which is useless in the shallows anyway. I get down to what I think is a brick but I can see its a silver color. At this point you try not to let your mind run wild but thats the moment, that moment of discovery which takes your breath and is so darn exciting about detecting when you are wondering " well what do I have here?" . I reach down to pick it up and its immediately obvious hefting the thing that I have a silver colored brick of lead.
    These lead ingots were/ are usually used by people pouring their own keels for sailboats. While a gold brick would be nice I'd have to settle for lead. At $0.90/ lb I am looking at the best find of the day at $20-$25. One of the fisherman told me it'd be $60-$80 dollar brick he had seen them on Cabella's website but you can only get what someone will pay lol. I put it up near a small jetty a few yards away and loosely gridded that beach. As I got closer to shore it became obvious that the beach gets detected often. The signals sparsed out and there were no desirable targets in the higher dryer area. I eyeballed a tablet, then a phone, then got jazzed up when I saw a gun on the surface. I wiped it off and its the old metal style cap gun. Then the fisherman asked why didn't I pick up the phone in front of me. Apparently someone left one on the concrete slab on the edge of the water and I walked by it three times with my eyes glued on the ground lol. I guess I figured I did't need to look at the boring old slab. He kept that phone. I finished the day doing a long walk along a section rip rapped with old cobblestones and concrete chunks and I got a stamp/ seal on top of the ground. I'll have to read it ( its backwards of course) when I finish cleaning up the B grade material.
    I should have put on the waders and gone out deeper but it seems the deeper you go the more fishing weights you get and the longer it takes to dig them in these rocky conditions. I have a feeling the old gold is hiding out there in the ancient nastiness. There's also the chance one of those myriad fishing sinker signals was actually a gold ring. I am not sure the next time I'll be able to get to it but if the opportunity arises I'll be there or one other old swim spot I know of. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
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    That's a great day out! Silver is away's welcome. I may had not been far from you for I hunted up near Dundalk. Came home with the mumbles...

    Years ago I was hunting a old mill site, got a great signal..but big..my buddy dug it. It was a gold brick! Heavy and the right color, but it did have a half moon cut out about 3 1/2 wide. Ended up being brass and we figured it was used as a bearing of some type.
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    nice hunt
    Hoping to join the Marines one day

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    Wow I would of loved a hunt like that Congrats

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    Nice finds, congratulations!

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    lots of fun cant get to much of that nice going

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    Very nice finds! Don't you just love the Nox?
    If you don't look for it you won't find it!! So get out there and dig it.



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