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Thread: 14K diamond engagement ring from the river!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCDAMEEK View Post
    Tell us more! How'd you track the owner down? We NEED details! Outstanding return, but details please??
    I made an update post on August 20th...Sorry but I don't know how to make a link to it. Also sorry for the resentment contained in the post, I feel better about the return after some time has passed. The ring was returned when my neighbor just happened to know someone who knew someone who's daughter lost her engagement ring in the river, and they were able to contact me, and the young lady got her ring back safely. Thanks everyone for the banner votes and great encouraging posts. HH
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    [QUOTE=CCDAMEEK;6316354]Um, Technically correct, and I am a believer in returning personal items that can be tracked down and returned. And Do!
    But I really don't think that the manufacturer of the ring has ownership rights for a ring that was recovered in a river.

    Attachment 1758862[/QUOTEI

    've never heard of "A Jaffe" pertaining to jewelry fabrication.

    I would have assumed it was engraved by the owner. If I intended to return it, I would have stated so in the original post.
    That would generally imply that I expected a reward. These metal detectors are not cheap. They should be cheaper, but.... ( See thread "Why does a metal detector cost $1500")
    I have returned expensive items several times.
    Generally though, I metal detect to keep what I find.
    Sometimes that means not permanently and forever digitally broadcasting my search results.

    If you do, you will probably end up having to return it. Duh.
    Keepsake items like wedding rings and anything that implies "with love" often evokes emotional furver in their owners. (It's DUH.... not Do)
    Why isn't every metal detector at least water resistant? A $7 drugstore flashlight is guaranteed for life to 10 feet. If a squirrel piss*s onto the face of my sov... well.... thats another forum.

    Disclaimer: Most any and all artifacts or valuables mentioned have been found on property that was originally aquired in the 1847 United States of America invasion of Mexico.

    United States Veteran, Headquarters Company, Law Enforcement Activity, Ft Campbell Ky. ARMY Military Police.

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    Sweet man Sweet!

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    Bravo Sir, Bravo!

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    Jan 2018
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    Ain't gravity wonderful even better when mixed up with water.
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    Aug 2019
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    Yes indeed niffler, Thanks for the update! Although the sting of returning something valuable that you have found, remember that you have forever changed that young women's life. With one simple honest moral moment, that truly this world we live in can use more of. When I find something valuable, the first thought in my mind after the excitement of finding it, is DAMN, who ever lost this must be heart broken.

    As I have said in another return post:
    "There are those who only see dollar signs when they find someone's lost treasures. Even in those instances where there are easy ways, or not so easy ways, to track down the person who lost the item. If those detectorists could understand that the heartfelt smile from a person who lost something dear to them, easily trumps the almighty dollar sign (no political pun intended), they would see a little bit nicer world around them."

    I own three detectors and all the necessary accompanying tools. Without ever cashing in even one coin, this hobby has paid for itself with sales of jewelry items recovered that had no engraving identification, could not be located in public lost & found notices, or by checking in as many ways possible to find the person who lost it. If the item has even some notable mark or characteristics, I will even place an add in lost & found public notices. I would rather change someones life and their beliefs in humanity, than make a few dollars profit at their emotional expense. The "feel good" for a good deed never goes away. But the almighty dollar just slips through your fingers.

    Just my opinion. And if anyone ever finds my lost high school class ring on that ski slope a then girlfriend lost it on, I would be forever grateful and rewarding for tracking me down and returning it.
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    Freedom isn't free! Thank You to all who serve and protect both in the military and In Law Enforcement

    OH how I LOVE this hobby!

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    Jan 2012
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    Wow! That is beautiful!

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    Apr 2003
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    Congratulations on the find. Someone, somewhere must truly miss that beauty.

    All the best,

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    Nov 2009
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    WoW the perfect example of the 3 Cs , look's like a flawless diamond , stunning ring , did you have that baby appraised yet , congrats Earl
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    American down under

    May 2008
    Merrylands NSW
    No name but it works like a charm
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    if you look up A. Jaffe they are a jewellery store and the closest to you is in Oklahoma. Nice find
    Will add photos when i can

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    Dec 2019
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    That's a good idea, hunting in a river full of tubers. I might give that a try!
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    May 2003
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