veterans discount?
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Thread: veterans discount?

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    Feb 2014
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    veterans discount?

    Does kellyco offer a discount to Veterans purchasing an Equinox 800? I'm ready to order but probably they're not open for business due to Covid-19. Is there a date of mfg. on the carton? what are the chances of getting a 2020 model? Finally, 70 yrs. old, officially retired. I have what I need for Nox 800, mask/snorkel and 5mm wetsuit. I also want an Anderson straight shaft to replace the stock shaft on my Dual Field. I think I'd rather use that waist to neck deep rather than take chance of my Nox leaking
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    Feb 2020
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    I know that gives a 15% discount for veterans.
    Bart is an awesome guy to deal with!! FREE shipping too.
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    Minelab gives the discount, the dealers only pass it on.
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    A friend of mine just purchased a 800 from Kellyco a couple weeks ago and got the discount.

    And Congratulations on the Retirement! At 70 I would say you were "WAY" over due.
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    Dual Field's can leak too. Dunk that new Nox while it's under warranty. They'll replace it with a new one if it leaks. As far as I know, all the retail mail order detectors shops are open for business. As for aftermarket shafts, you may want to check with Steve's Detector Rods, who is a supporting member here on Tnet. He makes a great one for the Equinox.
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    Just send them a copy of your DD214 as an email attachment, all they need to set you up for the discount. Got mine last year from BigBoys. 899 minus 15%, no tax no shipping.

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    Yes, the rebate comes from Minelab, I bought a 600 last year from Keith at Ft. Bedford after Kellyco gave me the runaround for 4 months and I have been buying all my accessories from him ever since. Good Luck!

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    Im just the opposite....... with a 3 year warranty i want to get it wet A LOT. If things are going to break...... i want it to happen under warranty.

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    Kellyco has given a veteran's discount for years. I've used it several times with them. Drove down to Florida some years ago and spent an entire day in their shop. GOOD PEOPLE!

    Also met Pat Cats, Treasure Hunter, GIB (he's been absent here for a long time) on the trip. And, of course OBN came to meet Indian Steve and I a number of years ago.

    We've a good community here. I've met others like Relevantchair, and another member so long ago I can't remember his moniker
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    Noticed that if you take the military discount the dealer will not then give you the bundle goodies. Wonder if their profit is lower on military discounted items. Or is the manufacturer subsidizing the bundles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EQ8 View Post
    I know that gives a 15% discount for veterans.
    Bart is an awesome guy to deal with!! FREE shipping too.
    Ditto Big Boys Hobbies, Bart is great to work with
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