Copper, Copper everywhere
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    Sep 2014
    Minelab EXt 505, Tesoro Sand shark, Whites coinmaster pro. Tesoro Compadre.
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    Copper, Copper everywhere

    Stayed the weekend at the surf club on the beach in Dewey beach De. Started at 8:30 low tide and metal detected for 4 hours. Found 12 cents, 1 dime, 2 zincolns, a junk toe ring, and loads of small copper. They were small pieces and all had serations on them, some were so small you could barley see them. What amazed me was how deep the Nox 600 can go. I use beach 1 for dry sand, beach 2 for wet and surf. In beach one ,I dug down at least a foot or better for pieces of copper I couldn'e even see. I had to get down and look for them . Great day, maybe next week or so Rehobeth beach.
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    X-terra 505, Tesoro Sand Shark, Tesoro compadre, Equinox 600.

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    Jan 2012
    York, PA
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I detect the Rehoboth area a lot. They replenish the beach with sand pumped in off shore. You will find a lot of M50 bullets and tiny fragments of there copper shell casings . Itís a bit frustrating but a bad day detecting at the beach pretty much beats anything but a good day detecting at the beach



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