Handheld Underwater Detecting - PulseDive 8" Coil vs Quest Tector Pro
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    Feb 2018
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    Handheld Underwater Detecting - PulseDive 8" Coil vs Quest Tector Pro

    We are taking a family vacation in March at the beach. To keep me sane during mandatory family FUN time, I thought I would try combing the beaches, and swim holes around the resort. I been researching these hand held devices, and narrowed it down to these two.

    NEW FOR 2021

    Quest Scuba Tector Pro Metal Detector


    Nota PulseDive Underwater Metal Detector & Pinpointer 2-in-1 Set with 4" Coil, 3 kHz Pulse Induction Frequency

    Both units are Pulse Indiction

    the PulseDive operated at 3khz, and the Quest operates at 97khz

    I know both these units have limited depth, but the PulseDive with the 8” coin goes about a 1/3 deeper according to YouTube videos I watched. I also snipe in CA, and would love to use this down the road for rivers and creeks for gold. If Possible!


    1) any experience with either unit?

    2) and opinions on frequency?

    3) any others options out there that I am missing?

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    I like the versatility of the pulse dive with the 3 coil options. I rarely take off the 6" but got the 8" for xmas. Can't wait to give it a try but really enjoyed the 6" in the rough surf so I didn't have to destroy my machines. I probably watched the same youtube comparison vid and haven't looked back.

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    Have had both, the pulse dive with 6 and 8" coils and then got one of the first Quest scuba tectors. Long story short, of the two, I kept the quest. It's more compact, more versatile and hit's a higher percentage of targets than the pd (pd's don't do well on some crosses, small rings, earrings, chains, etc). Similar distances of detection, depending on targets etc. Can even use a dang broomstick pole or detector shaft and run the Quest like a detector if needed (comes with the pole adapter). I built a small handle, out of rake handle, added a bicycle grip to that, for general diving use, that fits in the bag it comes with too, then a longer one just for who knows what. To each his own, I like the Quest for certain, but both are handy and will get some goodies in certain scenarios. Both are the "best" things going, in their "class". Have previously tried/tested probably anything else similar in the past. Will always have a couple of the vibraprobe black/yellow skinny tipped pinpointers for diving too.
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    Feb 2018
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    Got the Quest Tector Pro. Tested it on 1 Gram of gold. It does not do well with targets that small. It picked it up, but you had to be touching it in the center. Not even on the tip of the detector. It screams with larger targets, but I don't think this will work well for gold sniping. Hopefully it will provide some fun on vacation. Actually thinking about testing out the Pulse dive as well. Will report back with my findings.

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    I bought both and did a review that I posted on Youtube. I used my CZ-21 as a baseline, and then did both air-gap and sand/saltwater detecting with them. I ended up keeping the Pulse dive and returning the Scuba Tector based on data. One thing I didn't like about either was the inability to change batteries.

    link to the video below (I'm at work and YOUTUBE is blocked, so the link is from the google search, but it takes you to the right place). If you check the description, I posted where in the video you can see the graphs for how each compared on the depth. Used a penny, dime, gold ring, aluminum screw, piece of wire, and a quarter to try and cover all the bases.

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