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Thread: I took my DFX down memory lane

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    Apr 2011
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    That was beautiful. I went back to the house I grew up in, too; I'm very close to your age, I was 5 in 1958 when your foto with your grandma was taken. The current owner wouldn't let me search the property, and I really had no desire to see inside the house, it had been gutted and extensively rebuilt after we left (walls removed etc), and there would have been very little to remind me of the old days. but he did "allow" me to search the public right of way alongside the house, a wide grassy swale (that's what we in south florida call an uncurbed grass strip between the road and the sidewalk, or between the road and the property line if there is no sidewalk).

    There was, and still is, a bus stop in the swale, just a sign, no bench or shelter. That bus stop was hardly ever used, and still is hardly ever used. But I used it when I was a kid; by the time I was 11 or 12 (1964-65) I was using county buses to get around. I found one 1964 Rosy dime in AU condition in the crack beside the sidewalk, which put it within 3' of our old property. That happened to be the second silver coin I ever found. The sidewalk beside our house ends at the back of the property line, and our house was on a dead-end, so pretty much nobody walked by there, except our own family, and mostly just me as I was the only one who used the bus or mowed the grass. It's pretty weird to find a coin half a century old that you probably dropped yourself very close to the mint date.

    The switch from silver to clad, was made at the end of that year, the last 90% silver coinage was minted in 1964. The reason the change was made was because the dollar had been steadily inflating since the time of ww2, and the inflation had been driving silver out of circulation. (The inflation of the 40's-60's was preferable to the deflation of the 1930's). Silver coins very rapidly disappeared almost entirely after clad coins appeared. The change became universal around the globe, all countries switched to base metal coinage, and currency markets since then have decided the value of each country's currency.

    Of course, governments influence or control that market by buying or selling or "printing" more currency, the most striking example being China, which buys foreign currency to keep the value of its own currency low, and oddly enough, the USA by means of Quantitative Easing, which arguably prevented deflation of the dollar, or more likely, encouraged a small inflation.
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    Mar 2005
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    Great story! Nobody better mess with you! You came packing!
    "Today's the day!" - Mel Fisher


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