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Thread: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

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    Nov 2004
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    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    Sweet find I have a house built in the 50s I am going to hunt assuming I can get enough time to. ?(I have been to busy with college latley to do much). ?One of my dads friends just recently found a clay pot filled with gold coins from the 1880's ?I dont know the whole story but I will try to find out and get some pics if ?I can. ?Great find Im still waiting to top my $1.32 in clad that I found in the yard of my uncles ranch house.
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    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    wow, that makes me want to get out and hunt more.
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    Jan 2005
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    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    holy o smokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have set the bar pretty high ,I don't think I will will be able to ever match that one!LoL ,Great Job and Congrats!!!!
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    Aug 2005
    Warrenton, VA
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    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the great story and the added incentive to get out there and hunt. That may be a once-in-a-lifetime find but good luck on getting a better one.
    grizzly bare
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    Aug 2005
    6 times

    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    WOW -- great find!!! -- Did you find the elusive 1946D Merc in that PILE of coins? way to go!!!!!!
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    xXx is offline
    Nov 2004
    back in Indiana again
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    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm still pretty pumped up, but have to stay focused on a project I'm still working on. Darren in NC came up with a good point. If someone buried a Cache of silver Dimes, the property still may hold more Cache's of Quarters and other coins. Guess I'm going to have to get out the P.I. 40x40 coil and really cover the property.
    I did a count by date of the Dimes:
    1916=1 1917=2 1918=2 1919=2 1923=2 1925=3 1926=2

    1927=1 1929=4 1931=1 1934=2 1935=3 1936=10 1937=4

    1938=5 1939=6 1940=9 1941=11 1942=17 1943=11 1944=14

    1945=9 1946=58 1947=36 1948=27 1949=2 1950=18 1951=30

    1952=28 1953=36 1954=31 1955=0 1956=27 1957=40 1958=13

    1959=34 1960=23 1961=51 1962=49 1963=71 1964=389

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    Mar 2005
    Minelab Explorer SE/Garrett GTI 2500/ Ace 250
    51 times

    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    hey XXX, check those `42 mercs for the 2 over 1 error. also check the 26s to see if they are in fact 1926 S. you could have some key dates there! check the 31 too for a "D". that is a semi key date.
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    Mar 2003
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    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    The key date roosevelt dimes are the 1949 dates and the 1955 dates. They were worth a premium then and were probably sold locally. In recent times the 1955 dates have come out of hiding and are easier to find in low grades but the nice ones are still worth a good premium. congratulations, ss
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    Apr 2004
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    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    xXx, you don't get paid much, but you could submit an article for one of the treasure mags. They love stories like this.
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    Aug 2005
    Richardson Tx.
    1 times

    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    I would keep searching that yard you may find the one with the quarters and halfs. HH Gregg
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    Aug 2004
    Pickens Co. S.C.
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    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    Hey xXx, congrats! You earned it. I love to see a fellow sandlaper do good. We have a bunch of treasure in the way of caches here in S.C.. Done pretty well myself. ( but I could always do better! ) Good luck bro. HH! Chris
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    Jun 2005
    2 times

    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    awesome find Their may be more silver to find at that location 8)
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    X marks the spot Live for the thrill

    Sep 2005
    North Tonawanda, NY
    4 times

    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    thats a freakin awesome find man, way to go. keep at it and hh
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    Aug 2005
    Harrisburg, PA
    3 times
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    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    xXx you said mxt I would give Whites a call first thing Monday I heard they hook you up pretty nice if they use your story in some way. Your find and story could be in the corner of the MXT page in the next catalog. This is not a world class find but it is very awesome and would be one of my favorite story's to tell for the rest of my life if it were me. But we may even see your mug on the next Whites commercial for testimonial.

    As far as criticizeum there is non here you are on here a lot and it don't smell fishy at all great find and many more to you.

    Some one that would criticize is just jellos but some of the people who may criticizeum would do so less if there were pics of the old rusty box and towel stuff like that. But just a Floater said we would have all stayed up all night sorting them. Shoot if it were me I would have had every one of them in in the little 2x2 coin sleeves with the white card identifying each date and mint marking than all placed in the plastic pages and in there own 3 ring binder separate from my other coins. I keep a ton of these coin collecting supplies around cause with metal detecting i always seem to have a little something to add.
    If i had to work the next day I would have called off to get back there right away.

    I get ever so happy when I find 1 merk and maybe some Wheaties I just couldn't imagine how you feel, I know there not all merks but thats a ton of silver dimes.

    Keep it up and HH
    good luck to all!
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    May 2005
    2 times

    Re: Found a RECORD silver dime "Cache"!!!!!!!!

    Holy schmit!!!!, hope that 1916 has a " d " mintmark.
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