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Thread: 679 Cannonballs found

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    wolf pack!!!

    Sep 2006
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    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    Wow, I was gonna sat Holy smokes but i was beat to it Make sure there not "counterfite" LOL
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    Sep 2004
    2 times

    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    After you get all the balls out of the ground you can try for relics to date the site and learn about the builders. Betcha find some good smaller stuff there!
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    Nov 2005
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    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    Wow, Wow,Wow,
    I was happy when I found my first 6 pounder this spring, man you guys sure out did me. What a find, can't wait to
    read your story in Western & Eastern. I'd be posting those in the Best finds of the Year also. Congratulations again.

    HH, Ringfinder
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    Nov 2006
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    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    Paul Bunyan is looking for his lost collection of steely marbles, and boy is he pissed! Great find!

    Watch yer back!

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    Nov 2006
    Park Hills, MO
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    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    That could be the find of a lifetime!
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    Re: 679 Cannonballs found



    Awesome finds! Congrats!!!!!

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    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    Wow! Whatever they prove to be, there sure are a lot of them!

    Determining whether they are cannonballs or (mining) ball mill balls might hinge on the type of building at which they were found. Could you take a photo of the builidng and post it here? I don't want to rain on your parade, but I have to agree with the other poster. I'm thinking these were used in milling ore. Did you find these in Nevada or California?
    Here's a link to an article about one ball mill in California. The story explains the process by which ore was crushed before going to the smelter. http://www.explorehistoricalif.com/m...ated_mine.html
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    Nov 2006
    Coulterville, California
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    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    Yep, I agree on the Ball Mill theory,

    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news...... (and hopefully I'm wrong), but if I'm not mistaken, those look an awful lot like the iron balls from an old Ball Mill. Were these found in a mining area??

    Ball mills were used quite a bit in the Mother Lode, and I've found quite a few of them balls over the last 20 years in exactly the same sizes as in your pics.

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    It's all good!!

    Jan 2006
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    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    Wow!! I have a ball that is flattened on 1 side. It was given to me by my uncle. He found it in the 80's at Ft. Supply. That's my future trip I just cant get any1 to go with me.are they all lead?
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    Oct 2006
    Fisher 1280x/ Aquapulse/ WHITE'S II
    5 times

    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    You could supply a small army of artillery men with that. Holy cow!!
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    Jul 2006
    3 times

    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    WOW! Id buy some off you!
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    Feb 2005
    Bavaria Germany
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    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    That is the mother load, awesome!!! Maybe you can research the site over winter and find out more about them. I thought my two cannon balls were great but 679, whoa, LOL! HH and a big congrats, Mike
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    May 2005
    48 times

    Re: 679 Cannonballs found


    I've got an area where three, (3) have been
    found in the last 60 some years.

    I would love to find the 4th.

    You folks come up 679

    Again, Wow
    Nice find.

    have a good un....
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    Sep 2004
    16 times

    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    Cool finds indeed....but to me it looks like a win-win situation for you. If they are mill balls and not cannon balls they 1.) are still historic and; 2.) you must be pretty darn close to a big mine of some kind. I can't imagine that if they are mill balls that someone would just be carrying them around for something to do . They were there for a purpose rather it was a Ammo depot or mill area of some sort still pretty cool to have and to have found. Post the pics of the area as long as it won't give the location away, else you might go back in the spring to an empty site. Like the others have said W& ET definitely.

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    Charter Member

    May 2005
    201 times

    Re: 679 Cannonballs found

    I thought that these had already been confirmed as projectiles. If not, maybe there's an easy way to settle this "Cannonball" vs. "Mill Ball" debate. From your other post, I know that you've weighed and measured the various sizes. Why not send the photos and specifications to Jack W. Melton, Jr., coauthor of Civil War Artillery Projectiles, and see what he says? I'm sure he'd be interested in your find... especially if the subject header for your e-mail is "679 Cannonballs Found!" There's also a ton of info on his website.

    Address: jack@jwmelton.com

    Website: http://www.civilwarartillery.com/
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