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    Apr 2005
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    Another cache found $182,000.

    Read this articles, very interesting


    "Live your Adventure"

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    Mar 2007

    Re: Another cache found $182,000.

    That contractor needs to be slapped!! How exactly does he feel entitled to ANY of the money? The "finders keeper" law? The article says it applies only if there is a "reasonable expectation that the owner isn't going to claim the money" Well it seems to me that when the lady bought the house she becomes the owner. When you buy a house, everything in it is now yours. If not, does that mean that the guy that sold me my house 36 years ago can come back and claim the stairs leading up to the second floor?

    I'd like to go over to this contractors house and just randomly start finding **** and claiming 40% of it! "Hey, nice plasma tv, I want a 40% cut. Look at this change jar I found, I want 40% of. Oh my god! I just found two really nice cars in the garage. I don't think the original owner is giong to claim them, I want my cut!"




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