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    Oct 2005
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    Need some help identifying a Civil War ambrotype


    My brother purchased a Civil War era ruby ambrotype recently and I was wondering if there may be someone here or know of another Civil War forum on the net that could help identify it as far as the uniforms (confederate or union). One of them looks to have a star on his hat and the other person has a star on his lapel. My brother used a magnifying glass and on the gentleman's hat on the right it looks to read H 109 PVV, not certain of the last V. I am guessing that it may be the company or regiment they are from.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Jul 2005
    Findlay Ohio
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    Re: Need some help identifying a Civil War ambrotype

    Looks to be definatly confederates, Northern states had money to buy there troops proper military uniforms. Not quit sure but I believe Mississippi's buttons had the stars on them, so that could be there use. When the south split from the Union you have to remember that there was no industry except for cotton in the south. Most of there buttons and stuff came from blockade runner ships from Europe. And most southern troops came to war and fought in the clothes they wore from home. Again hope this helps.....HH......Bill
    What am I doing so far away from my Civil War relics?



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