Ridgeway Grandfather wont run
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    Ridgeway Grandfather won't run

    I have a Ridgeway from 1960, it will not run with the pendulum on it, but when I remove it and let the thing it hangs from run it runs fine, chiming and keeping fast time, although very fast. When I do that it sounds out of beat, I checked and every part of the case is level. If I tilt it up to the right about an inch, way out of level it is in beat.
    The weights are on the correct chains. When I push the pendulum it ticks to one side and then makes a funny sound as it goes to the other side, and in a couple minutes stops.
    I ordered some clock oil and will try that first but wonder what may be wrong. I don't want to spend the $500 to $600 to have it adjusted/fixed.

    I figure I would try to fix it myself or buy an entire movement, you can get them around $400 and replace it. But thought I would ask for any thoughts also does anyone know of any decent clock repair people around SE Mass/RI who are not that expensive?
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