Uncompahgre Treasure Club in Montrose, CO
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    May 2009
    Galt's Gulch, Colorado
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    Uncompahgre Treasure Club in Montrose, CO

    I would like to alert the TNet population to the existence of our metal detecting club, Uncompahgre Treasure Club. We are in the just-the-right-size town of Montrose on Colorado’s western slope of the Rocky Mountains. The club has a new website www.uncompahgretreasureclub.com
    which you are invited to explore. Our meetings are in the evening of the 2nd Monday of every month. If you are in the area and would enjoy the company of like-minded metal detector users, please stop by and join us!
    “Yet it isn’t the gold that I’m wanting
    So much as just finding the gold.”,
    The Spell of the Yukon, Robert W. Service



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