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Thread: Elk Co?

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    Oct 2007

    Elk Co?

    any groups or people from Elk Co that metal detect?

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    Oct 2007

    Re: Elk Co?

    Yeah me............me,me,me,me. Oh wait im just talkin 2 myself

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    Dec 2008
    south of Pittsburgh
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    Re: Elk Co?

    I have done some MDing around Marienville, Elk/Forest County, I have a camp in the area. I have found it difficult to find good hunting places around that area since it was sparsely populated back in the day and it seems as though anything older is still in use. It may also have something to do with research, I seem to find much more in the way of spots around here in Pittsburgh. Yeh, if I wanted to hunt parks for modern stuff I could probably do that, but I got away from that years ago. I would much rather search an old homesite than a park. I probably need to talk to you to find the good spots!

    Recently I got permission to hunt the old abandoned church off of 899 outside of Marienville. I hunted it good and hard about three times, what a disappointment, not much to be found. Because I'm not from the area I kind of focused around rt 899, I did however find one hotspot a few years ago that turned up some good treasure.

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    Sep 2010

    Re: Elk Co?

    I just moved to the area, Im in what the locals call "The Valley" area...

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    Oct 2007

    Re: Elk Co?

    the valley. considered the byrnedale, weedville, or maybe even force area.

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    Aug 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
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    Re: Elk Co?

    Quote Originally Posted by redsummit
    the valley. considered the byrnedale, weedville, or maybe even force area.
    I tired detecting that old ball park in weedville. Around the bleachers and swings. Nothing! Ground was real sandy...maybe flood silt build-up?
    Gonna be stayin up in Coudersport for a couple days next week. Stayin at the Lindy motel and gonna check out the area below Austin.

    I think...therefore I am.

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    Jun 2012
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Its all New 2 me from NW PA

    We are from Kane PA. About 1 hr from Olean NY, Bradford PA, St. Mary's & Warren. We have not bought equipment yet for hunting but hope to travel & hunt including mountains, water & gold. Would love to know about equipment, groups, hunting in general etc...
    Thank you

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    Sep 2015
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Hello redsummit Iam from DuBois I know os some places down this way but i have heard of some good places up your way but I dont how good it is if you like to send me a message maybe we can get togther and metal detecting

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    Jul 2012
    439 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I doubt redsummit will reply to you. The last time he was on TreasureNet was Aug. 14, 2013.



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