From glory days to a broken heart...
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    From glory days to a broken heart...

    From glory days to a broken heart...


    My name is Al and I recently moved to South Carolina from Rhode Island. I arrived here on June first of last year (2012). Once I got down here, things started going down hill for me. I went out to do some detecting at my neighbor's farm about three weeks after arriving and I started not feeling very well. I chalked it up to the southern heat which I wasn't use to but it was starting to get worse instead of better. I started getting a shortening of breath and dizziness. I thought I must be allergic to something in the area, so I went to a local urgent care facility in hopes of getting something for the allergy. When they checked my blood pressure, it was off the charts. I was hooked up to an EKG and they determined that I was in Congestive Heart Failure!

    Now, I've always been a very healthy individual. I've been an avid martial artist for 30 years. I've been detecting every weekend for quite a few years and I've never been really sick a day in my life. Anyway, I was sent immediately to the hospital and found myself in the ICU so they could figure out what was going on with me. After about four days, they found that I had Hyperthyroidism which in turn gave me Grave's disease. The Grave's disease affected the lower vents in my heart, better know as cardiomyopathy. That's what put me into Congestive Heart failure.

    They said thank God I didn't wait any longer to go to the urgent care because I would've past away from a massive heart attack. I'm only 46 too. Now, I'm on more pills than the local pharmacy! They are doing the trick though. I now have my Hyperthyroid condition under control and I'm out of Congestive Heart Failure. Good news. Right? Well unfortunately for me, things went from bad to worse.

    I got the bill... Now, remember, I had just moved down here and I hadn't even started my new job yet. I had no insurance and I was stuck with a $14,000.00 bill which I had to pay. So, I did what I had to. I sold my car, my son's ps3 gaming system, my 42 inch 3d tv, my home PC and last but most certainly not least, all of my detecting gear. I managed to cover the bill but I'm still not out of the woods totally.

    Now that my condition is beginning to improve, the doctors say I need to start walking more to help strengthen my heart again before I am released and can return to work. We all know what the best way to walk is and that's while out detecting! Right? However, now that I'm basically penniless, I have no way of buying a new machine. I've owned many different brands throughout my years of detecting and I settled on two particular companies to which I've stayed most loyal to. Garrett and Minelab, naturally.

    I sold my Garrett AT Pro, my Minelab Explorer SE Pro, plus everything I had to go with them. Different coils, different diggers, a few sand scoops and even my Backpack. It's all gone... I sold it all to a guy here for $1,00.00. Needless to say, he was quite thrilled with the purchase.

    Now, please don't think that I am just some poor fool trying to get something for nothing because I'm not. Throughout my years of detecting, I've helped many people with different aspects of their own quests in our wonderful hobby. Funny how for some reason, after I moved down here, no one from where I am from seemed to want to help me out in my time of need. Figures. Right?

    Anyway, all I really need is for someone to help me out with my dilemma by possibly getting a detector to me so I can once again get my health and mind back. If you or anyone you know can and are willing to help, PLEASE, send me a personal message so I can restart my own quest of a more treasured life. I really do hate to ask anything of anyone. Believe me. I just don't have anywhere else to turn.

    Thanks for listening to me,




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