Walla Walla/ SE Wa treasure hunters??
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    Dec 2011
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    Walla Walla/ SE Wa treasure hunters??

    I am a senior history major at Walla Walla University and wondering if any local treasure hunters would let me tag along as I am trying to break into the hobby and gain experience!

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    Feb 2011
    Kennewick, WA
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    Re: Walla Walla/ SE Wa treasure hunters??

    Hey there seattlehistorynut, I'm in kennewick and I do alot of detecting over here. I usually work weekends but if you want to set something up let me know. I can always ask for a weekend off if that is the only times you are available. I just got out for the first time this year and plan on going every chance i get from here o for the rest of the year. I just picked up an ATpro so I won't get rained out anymore.
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    May 2012
    Walla Walla
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    Walla Walla Detectorist Here. Not too many guys in walla walla detect around here even though its one of the oldest towns around here. Founded in 1869. Have found hoards of valuable coins around here with my Fisher F75 Black Edition and the old school Fisher CZ-6a

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    Apr 2012
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    zerocat - i am interested party - any gold coins? Maybe a short rundown of some of the neat stuff.

    I live near seattle, and have only found a few bucks in Clad. I am beginner - but have nearly 10 hours on my first detector.

    I am VERY interested in Washington's history, but all the old sites have been built upon near seattle.


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    May 2012
    Walla Walla
    Fisher F75 Black Edition
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    I have found several 20 dollar and 5 dollar gold pieces in past 15 years that basically paid for all my detectors, Hoards of silver coins from barber dimes to seated libertie quarters. Few silver dollars. Tons of indian head coins. just a small sample of what i have found over the years here. Most guys who have detected around here had old outdated detectors that only go so deep. My Fisher F75 Black i have found silver dimes at 11 inches down where it has been detected out. Very old area here and most hasnt been built on at all. There is a city law about tearing down old historic houses/buildings so most are still here. There was a war in the early 1800's with some indians around whitman misson area i have relic hunted in fields and found alot.

    Best place i have found to detect is the utility corridore along sidewalks. Find silver coins almost every time i go hunting.

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    Jan 2015
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    By the utility corridor, do you mean along Isaacs?

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    Jun 2017
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    Just joined the site! I live in Kennewick. Been MDing for several years all over the state. I have done well detecting in Walla Walla my self! first time out 3 rings and a pocket full of clad! Anyone want to get together im available Friday thru Sunday for a hunt!

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    Oct 2006
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    did you know that people liked that town so much they named it twice. sorry old joke



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