Saddening day indeed
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    Saddening day indeed


    I started the hunt today with high hopes. I had 2 banks due to have boxes in today. Bank 1 was supposed to order 2 boxes, and bank 2 1 box. With a 2 pm deadline in mind, I headed out early to hit some banks I don't normally drive by. 5-8 banks yielded about 15-20 in halves and no silver. Make it to bank 1 to pick up a box, and get the bad news. They forgot me . I sighed, asked them to please order next week, and left. Hit a small bank on the way to bank 2 and found $7.50 in halves. She laid them on the counter, counted out $7, and said, "Do you want an even amount, or do you want the whole $7.50?" The one coin left on the counter was clearly silver, but even if it went, I would have still said yes. Headed out, and went to bank 2. Asked about my order, and the teller went to the back. For a long time. A very long time. She comes back and said that they did not have the funds to add my box to their order. Fair enough I suppose, most of their customers are touristy shops that are closed this time of year. The only good news was that they will remember me more clearly, and in the future, if they are unable to place my order, they will call another branch and have them make the order for me. So hopefully next week, I will have 3 boxes instead of none. Makes for a very sad me, 2 hours of driving around for 1 %40.
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    Re: Saddening day indeed

    Cheer up, one is better than none.

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    Re: Saddening day indeed

    *starts singing* One is the loneliest number that you'll ev...

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