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    Sep 2009

    Introduction and recent finds

    Hello Everyone,
    I am a new member. I have been reading the posts here for about a month and have finally decided to join and share some of my finds. I am new here, but not new to CRH'ing. I have been a coin collector since the early to mid 1970's. I started collecting and searching rolls in the mid 1980's, but never by the box. I would only buy what the tellers had and only at my own bank. I would do this off and on from time to time as money and time permitted. Recently, around the beginning of last month I started serching again. I was mostly interested in finding boxes of new rolls to add to my collection. I found this site, which motivated me to get out there and do some hunting again.
    I have visited many banks where I have an account and some where I do not. Wells Fargo would not sell to me. Others had no problem.
    I can't believe some of the volume and finds you guys are doing.
    Here are my finds since early August:

    21 40% Kennedy Halves
    2 90% Kennedy Halves with one being a proof.
    1 1989-S Proof Kennedy
    1 2002-D Kennedy
    1 2007-P Kennedy
    5 2004-D Kennedy
    2 Bank wrapped uncirculated rolls of 2001-P Halves
    8 Silver Roosevelt's
    38 Ike's with three being the 1976 Variety 1
    39 pre 1960's nickels
    1 full box of rail-splitter cents

    Cents or pennies take your pick:
    2 teens
    4 1920s
    2 1930s
    49 1940s
    104 1950s
    1229 1960s
    4098 1970s
    1757 1980s copper only
    18 older Canadians
    129 log cabins

    My copper percentage for 18 boxes searched is 16.24%
    I averaged only 8.94 wheat's per box

    I have searched 18 boxes of pennies
    1 box of quarters
    3 boxes of CWI halves plus about $500 worth rolled and loose obtained from tellers. The 3 boxes only produced 6 of the 21 40% halves. the rest came from the teller trays.
    1 box of nickels
    3 $500 dime boxes with the see-thru wrappers (love those)
    3 $250 dime boxes with N.F String papaer wraps

    I also found two 1983-D pennies with their copper plating missing. These were found in box #12 and #15. When I cracked open the rolls and they popped out, I initially thought they were steel cents until I checked the date and saw 1983, then I thought I had found some wonderful error coins until I looked at them through a 30X loupe and could see the faint traces of copper left around the inside of the rims. It would appear that some sort of copper corrosive process has been at work on these. I kept them anyway.
    I also found a blank zinc cent planchet with rims.

    That's it for now

    Some photos are attached
    Happy Hunting


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    Feb 2007
    The Lone Star State
    ace 250/ Minelab SE Pro
    20 times

    Re: Introduction and recent finds

    Unpredictable- that's what I like about Loomis boxes.
    CRH Totals
    Wheats 247
    Buffalo 6
    War Nic 6
    Merc 0
    Rosie 9
    Walking 15
    Franklin 27
    90% 82
    40% 501
    Boxes searched: 193

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    Apr 2005
    North Carolina
    Garrett GTI 2500 Garrett AT Gold
    1896 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Introduction and recent finds

    Welcome aboard. Way to keep good totals also. I should, but can't bring myself to do it.

    war nickels.0
    Silv Dimes...-0
    Silv Quarters-0/0
    Walker 0
    Bens- 0
    Kenn. 90%- 0
    Kenn. 40%- 4
    Proof- 0
    Silv. Proof -0

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    Nov 2008
    2 times

    Re: Introduction and recent finds

    You are doing good !!
    2011 Finds
    6x War Nickels
    1x Buffalo Nickel
    1x Mercury Dimes
    66x Roosevelt Dimes
    2x Canadian Dimes
    0x Washington Quarters
    15x WLH
    12x Franklin
    46x 1964 Kennedy
    161 x 40% Kennedy

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    Jan 2008
    36 times

    Re: Introduction and recent finds

    welcome to the forum. nice variety of finds there. tell me, was CRHing in the 80's better than it is today?

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    Sep 2009

    Re: Introduction and recent finds

    Hi Mistergee,

    I did not search boxes back in the 80's, but I could go into the bank and get $300 to $400 worth at anytime and there was always some silver to be found. Now, I go into banks and some of them don't have any halves at all.


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    Jun 2008
    Sausalito Blvd Sausalito CA 94965

    Re: Introduction and recent finds

    Welcome aboard SM, ....that was my question, "What was silver hunting like back in the mid 70's?" I'd think it'd be a lot better than today, and imagine CRHing back in the '60's , nothing but 90% & 40% ... but I guess back then, no one was interested, since silver was at or below face value

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    Aug 2009
    ACE 250 (MD) Bare hands (CRH)
    17 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Introduction and recent finds

    My father used to CRH in the 60's. He was more interested in low mintage coins rather than silver. I asked him about Ben halfs and why he never accumulated any of them. He basically said that they were common and got them all the time. He did save some of the WLH's that were in better shape and has a few proof Bens in proof sets. Morgans and Peace dollars were fairly easy to find too. Buffalo's and Mercury dimes were also common to get in pocket change.
    There is no silver left around here...



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