8 boxes today 10-22-09
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    Jan 2006
    Columbus, Ohio
    Whites MXT
    1 times

    8 boxes today 10-22-09


    40% 19
    90% 2
    For me I consider this a good day. 15 of those were from box number 7.

    If I can average one silver or better per box each week I consider it a good week.

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    Oct 2008

    Re: 8 boxes today 10-22-09

    I guess I am a bit spoiled because i average about 5 silver per box. However, my last 3 boxes were skunks and i never get skunks, so I am a bit nervous that the silver is drying up. Here's to you getting more than 1 per box.

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    Nov 2008
    2 times

    Re: 8 boxes today 10-22-09

    2011 Finds
    6x War Nickels
    1x Buffalo Nickel
    1x Mercury Dimes
    66x Roosevelt Dimes
    2x Canadian Dimes
    0x Washington Quarters
    15x WLH
    12x Franklin
    46x 1964 Kennedy
    161 x 40% Kennedy

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    Oct 2009
    Southern Maryland
    Blue and Gray, XLT, DFX, Spectrum V3, Beachhunter 300

    Re: 8 boxes today 10-22-09

    I had 2 skunk boxes today, so my average is more like 0 per box! I found a lot of silver my first week with some hand rolled stuff. Havent found any since then. I have skunked on 3 of the 4 boxes I have searched so far. 3 more boxes coming next tuesday, and I would be happy to do as well as you did on your box #7...

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    Apr 2009
    East Coast
    White's MXT
    25 times
    Honorable Mentions (1)

    Re: 8 boxes today 10-22-09



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