Round two... and a few questions and observations...
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    Oct 2005
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    Round two... and a few questions and observations...

    Last week I went through 2 boxes and found a 1946 Commemorative half and two 40% Kennedy's.

    I just finished the next 2 boxes and found just one 1953 Franklin half in the first box and was skunked in the second box.

    I tried to get on the good side of the tellers at the bank where I get my halves. I havent figured out how to broach the idea of asking them to hold coins they get for me. I know they are getting quite a few silver coins in every week from people breaking into their savings and would like to get in on that if possible.

    Any ideas?

    So far they seem thoroughly amazed that someone would want a bunch of half dollars. I take this as a sign that no one else locally at least is doing this.

    I placed an order for a Ryedale machine and in about 2 weeks will begin sorting pennies as well. My goal is to go through 200 dollars worth every week at first and build up from there as funds permit. If I can get 10% copper pennies it will take me around 28 weeks to break even.

    While I am certainly enjoying this new hobby, I also look at it as my new 401k.

    I can get a half dollar containing almost 6 dollars in silver for 50 cents and a penny worth 1.9 cents for one cent. That is a much better return on investment that any 401k I ever had and they dont take 30% of it when I cash it out

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    Re: Round two... and a few questions and observations...

    Tell them you have a Niece or Nephew and you are compiling a coin book for them and you are looking for missing dates and request that they hold the halves for you. I had my best luck with the Notes payment Teller rather then the others, apparently some one made a note payment with a bunch of halves 29% of which were 40%er's
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    Re: Round two... and a few questions and observations...

    I just ask them if they will hold halfs for me when they get them. Most say yes and I give them my number. Others say they cant and I go to the next bank.
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