Collectors of 2009-P&D dimes, question this?
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    Feb 2012
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    Collectors of 2009-P&D dimes, question this?

    I do mostly dimes, and date check nearly all of them. Besides pulling any & all AG's, I have also been hoarding ALL of the 2009 P&D dimes because of the very LOW mintages. However, over the past 3-years of CRH my take per box has dropped drastically from about 10-15 per box, to now only about 4-8 per box. I have several hundred by now, but was wondering if anyone else has seen a similar decline in your numbers also. My logic is that with such low numbers, kind of makes them look like a 1955-s cent, 1950-d nickel, or any of the other semi-key dates we all know. I foresee that in the next 25+ years they too may show up as semi's. If that may be the case, then all my gran-kids will have several of each, and not a coulda-woulda-shoulda coin that would be showing as an empty hole in a folder. Please respond with your findings, etc.

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    I personally don't consider 96,500,000 (P) or 49,500,000 (D) to be "low" mintage numbers.

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    I started date checking all my dimes specifically to look for 2009 dimes. I gave up after 3 or 4 boxes because I found 1 (one) and only 1 (one) 2009 dime. Its condition was rather worn to boot. Not worth the time, effort or strain on my eyes. So I only rim check looking for that silver edge now.



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